Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Making a beautiful story for tomorrow..........

Nicholas Sparks, Khaled Housseni & to some extent Jeffery Archer & Chetan Bhagat, have made me to cry buckets, believe it or not (though I don’t like weeping in front of everyone, only once I did that, in front of friends when I got second backlog, as then I really couldn’t control myself, though I laughed a lot thinking how I was weeping like a little baby & my friends didn’t disappointed me either & afterwards they also laughed & teased me about the way I was weeping :P). Those people who don’t know these names (I know I sound a bit dumb here, as who won’t know them), let me tell you, these people are famous novelists who are the author of international & national bestsellers. Though I have read novels of others authors also but those were not emotional & sentimental stuff. Now, I, myself, being an emotional person (LOL please believe I am), like emotional stuff a lot or I can say I am an ardent lover of emotional novels or whatever they are exactly called. I really had this thing in mind when I was a little sweet kid (yeah,once upon a time i was very sweet,hey wait,even now i am) that, I am gonna write a book though I wasn’t sure what I am gonna write& I never told about this thing to anyone. But now I know what I m gonna write about.

The protagonist will be a girl, it has to be, because I am a girl,LOL doesn’t make any sense I know. Now what the story will b like? Haven’t exactly thought. It can be my story (though it’s not very interesting) with some fiction in that or fiction having a bit of my story in it or complete fiction, whatever.

It’s not easy to show your dreams to others, no one cares actually. And even I know this dream isn’t easy to realize. It isn’t easy to be an author, and I don’t want to be just any author, I want my books to be international bestsellers or at least national best seller. Sigh………………I am back here from the trip to future where I was signing autographs on my latest released novels :P.
okay I admit, I lack many things that an author needs to have. One,, my language skills, as you know, absolutely sucks. Two,, I m not in IIT, IIMs & I am not even an NRI or any big personality,,just a small town girl,,oh sorry,, a small village girl,,so no chance at all.

As my friend EA says keep dreaming as you never know when they’ll change into reality,though she’s not only one to say so .“The Alchemist” is all about that. According to “The Alchemist”,,,,
when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it
So maybe one day I’ll be an author, who knows?
Even if I don’t get publishers for my book, I’ll still write it & read it at least once in a month or once a week,, or whatever

I know you must be thinking this girl is mad, jerk, nuts or whatever
Believe me I am, & even sometimes I think I belong to some mental hospital. But these mothers are very loving creatures ( & my mom is like the best mom,,too loving & caring) they won’t send their children to mental hospital as such LOL

What a crap!!

P.S. :-

even I don’t understand what I have written then how could you. But still if you
understood anything do tell me.


R.K. said...

Hii !!

There is an award waiting for you !! :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey R.K.
thanx a ton

reeti said...

hiiii!!!sorry for posting comment after so long...well!! after reading this post i've come to know dat how passionately u want 2 write a book....though i had a bit of a idea abt dat...and i'll be d first one 2 buy ur book & don't worry u've at least one customer reserved 4 ur novel...so have u chosen any name or not ???
so keep rocking ur blog as always.....ok bye tk cr!!!!

shona..... said...

hmmm...now datz wat i call spirit..
m sure ur book will win d best seller n i m surely goin to buy all ur books n even make my known ones to buy dem..hehehe...
do write it sweety...god bless..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

yeah i really wanna write one novel atleast
thanx in advance
do buy it (i can send free copies but as one of my friend says business is business,,,LOL)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey Shona
oh sorry hey sugar

yeah it will b best seller in my "pind"
where only one person must hv bought it
that'll b me :P

sneha said...

hey sugar...

it doesn matter whether u r a small town gurl or a big town gurl..wt rili matters is da way u carry ur self ,ur attitude..nd da trick is to protray urself in a way so as to get da desired perspective frm da oder side...!!

nd trust me on dis "U R A WOMAN WID SUBSTANCE" young lady...
nd moreover indya has a population where loads ff people r frm small towns nd dey r definetly gonna identify wid u nd ur dreams nd emotions..so stop worryin bout dis thng nd brace urself...

p.s. (dun forget my name in da acknowledgmnt :) )

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Sneha jo
thanx alot
for always boosting my morale!!

of course ur name will b there

art2eye said...

“The Alchemist”,,,,
“when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”
So shahrukh ne yaha se churaya tha wo dialogue OM SHANTI OM ka...


vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Yeah MS
Indians are the greatest copy cats :D


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