Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am still alive!!

Hellooooooooo friends!!
Yup you read it correctly I am still alive & now I am back here with lots of more crap. I heard sound of slapping. Oh please don’t slap your forehead so hard, I mean it’s your bad luck what can I do?

One in third
One in fourth
& one in fifth will be a hat trick for me. But I really don’t want it. I am talking about backlogs. Well all my examz were okay except one. After giving that one, when I was going out of the examination hall I was thinking perhaps I am the only duffer who wasn’t able to crack the question paper but then I heard others discussing that the paper was really difficult & even they are expecting backlogs. But as they say any excuse is enough for a wicked person so I should not make this an excuse for my hat trick.

Before these examz, I had that supplementary exam also. During that exam, one of my classmate said, “Vandana what are you doing here?”
I replied, “I got suppli. That’s why I am here.”
He said, “Stop joking! You can’t have suppli.”
When I said, “I am serious.”
Still in shock, he said, “what?” & while saying this, his jaw dropped almost to ground level.
At that moment I was like, oh God, may this earth split right now & may I get submerged in it.
I was so ashamed of myself then.
Really, now I am tired of these backlogs. Though I have cleared the first one & I hope I’ll clear second one also & that too with good marks, but still it is damn hard to read the books again that you have read once (please don’t compare novels with these ordinary books). One thing is good about this suppli stuff that is that you really get so much love of your friends in form of their wishes. My mobile is literally flooded with best of luck messages & calls during suppli days & I feel so lucky to have so supporting & caring friends around me. Thank you all friends!!
Wanna mention an incident here.
Before the suppli exam, when I ended up such a best-of-luck-call from a friend, another friend sitting next to me (who happened to join me just then) said, “What were you talking about?” & I replied that it was just a best-of-luck-call. He then replied, “Oh I forgot you are the Godmother of the class. So you ought to receive so many calls.
I was really pissed off then. Also a friend of mine calls me mother Teresa.

Hey friends!! here is a message for you:
I am happy with my name. Please don’t give me such titles. I mean these are like Eww!! Don’t have even words to describe. I really don’t need anything for whatever I do for you, & surely not these titles.

Well I am following the plans that I had made. Today just after giving exam, I did that vellagiri stuff, I mean shopping & all that with friends.
I still haven’t completed “The Da Vinci Code” & “The Godfather” as this time like G ( a friend & the only one whose blog I follow) procrastination took over me. But since it is not one of my attributes, I managed to complete three novels, viz., A walk to remember, Love story & The notebook. All three too good, I tell you, made me to cry buckets.
I tried my level best to keep this post short as the coming two posts are gonna be quite long & special(at least to me) but if I won’t write here then where would I write?
Don’t say answer sheets, as I never consider them as my own space
Takecare :P


G said...

oyi la.... me gets a mention here :P
anyway ... great ur exams got over...duncha worry, u'll do good... and as for da vinci, cummon !! how come u still not over it yet? i remember starting it at the wrong time( my english preboards) ..got so hell hooked to it, that i dint keep it down until i read the last word..
hehe still remember hiding it in my english book and reading it..me mum said that was the only time she ever saw me study so intently ;) ;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey choti
even i wud hv completed it by nw bt the ebook i got frm u hd only 40 chapters (may be i wasn't to unzip it rightly) so i thout i hv completed it. But still i wasnt convinced with its ending until i got to knw frm a frnd of mine who has already read it, that it was not its ending, so i downloaded it again & then i got to knw that it has 105 chapters & just then my majors began (so sad na?)
& since it was an ebook so i cudn't hide it in my course books (bad luck):P
otherwise i wud hv completed it
from yesterday i am reading it continously & right nw i am on 101 chapter
i'll complete it within few minutes

god!! this counter comment has become a sort of small post :P

R.K. said...

Best of luck for all exams !!!

Waise its very very very irritating and frightening when friends say that u can not have suppli !
However, my exam days are over (Hopefully, coz result of last semester is pending), But my situation was even worse. Before examination, everybody would come and ask sort of important questions from the topics which i had left. "Tune toh padha hi hoga !" , I hate this line. My marks have always been just around passing, but nobody bothers to that unless explicitly stated.

I experienced a suppli too, but thank god, that was a mass suppli, and grace marking to all colleges saved me. Really saved me, coz that was in mathematics !!

G said...

ohhhh..weeally ?
i wish i was in town.. would've given u the book only :P
chalo happy e-reading.... u'll soon grwo out of it, believe me ;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey R.K.
thanx bt my xamz r over
u knw my frndz think that i m vry intelligent
during xam dayz my mobile is so busy (infact i got to learn many terms related to telepony,one of topics related to my enfineering stream including busy hour, traffic load, etc during xam dayz, without reading them in course books)
all frndz keep on calling to ask important questions
wat to do & wat to leave
& even i tell wat really is important
& in that regart i m an expert
so it is really hard fr them to believe that i got a suppli

sometimes i think i shud becum a counsellor in that particular field

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey choti
even i wish the same
bt i dnt think i'll ever get bored wid ebooks

till nw i hv read 4 enovels
n 5th is on its way to completion :P

R.K. said...

If exams are over, then best of luck for the result.

My experience by far has been weird as far as results of engineering are concerned. The scores are hardly according to my attempt.

My friends residing along me used to tease me for the calls. The longest continuous time spent by me on my mobile was during exams. Sometimes those calling on phone even ask me to get the topics ticked on book, taking around half an hour !!

I really miss my college, especially the life with friends. I hope this part is over soon and i get a job with my friends at same place. Those things kept me busy, and learning. These days, i feel like i am just spoiling myself !

Keep writing about you, i would like to relish reading your present as it reminds me of memories of my past.

BTW what engineering are u doing and which year ?

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

hey R.K
same here even my frndz call me to get them topics marked
& sometimes i hv to mail them some topics
i m really busy like hell during xam dayz
bt no one teases me fr that
infact they love me fr that
bt yeah they all tease me fr my hobbies (reading novels & blogging)

& results?
dnt ask they alwayz suck
must hv read abt them in previous posts

i am in Electronics & Communication stream

& if u like my blog
then keep following it coz the post after the cuming one is abt college life
i m working on it :P

R.K. said...

"& if u like my blog
then keep following it coz the post after the cuming one is abt college life
i m working on it :P"

Typical engineer :)

Though chances are less, but if you ever feel fed up of stuff like exams in college, then do visit mine. Yours one is about college life, mine is regarding the random thoughts after college life !!

Take Care !!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

cant help it
i want more followers
more comments
cuz i m bonkers abt blogging too

oh yeah
ofcourse i'll check yours
i really like this blogging thing
as i said my frndz really get pissed off with my hobbies including blogging, so i hv no choice then to snoop around into others' blogs

R.K. said...

My friends keep a keen eye on my orkut profile and scraps, even my unknown friends on orkut mave made them said "Ye tujhe kya ho gaya?"

Right now, i can't even think of getting them introduced to my this newly discovered activity till i get around 10-12 followers. That would be like, i am not alone !!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

same here
i hv placed link of my blog in my orkut profile

though my frndz dnt chk it oftenly
only one is a regular reader

even i like ur blog

wanna follow it also
bt i didnt find that
"follow this blog" thing in ur blog :(

R.K. said...

I would be more than obliged to explain how :) :
Copy the link of my blog :

Click on Add on your blogger dashboard, and paste it there, click next>next.
bas ho jayega follow.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

oh thanx
bt i m already a follower of ur blog
actually i m just too fast to jump to conclusions

sneha said...

dun wrry u ll cm out ff dese xams in flyng colors...i wish all ff us do..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

sneha dearest
thanx alot
i hope so also


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