Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When he left me,,,I was half dead!!

I got 71% marks, it was an amazing feeling. Finally I have crossed the milestone that says 70% marks in engineering. When friends were calling me to tell this, I couldn’t believe my ears, though I don’t believe my ears most of the times, being a bit hard of hearing. I asked them again & again, “Are you guys sure?” & the reply was like this, “yeah, damn sure stupid. Just be ready for a grand feast.” I said, “okay, I am ready, you tell when you want it?”. Then I got to know, few friends have backlogs also, their first backlog ever. I was feeling so bad for them as I have been through this twice, & I know what trauma one has to face. Just then, my cell began to vibrate, & I saw its 8:30 am. Goddamn!! It was a dream. But yeah, it was the only good thing that happened during the past few days. Still in half sleep, rubbing my eyes, I recalled what happened during the past few days. He finally left me. This mere thought was killing me. It’ll be wrong to say that I hadn’t ever thought that he’ll leave me,,I knew he’s gonna leave me because of the way I was dealing with him or whatever but this soon, I haven’t ever thought. I had to face the reality, he was gone. The world without him was meaningless, a empty space,,void,,vacuum or whatever you may call it. You realize the importance of something when you lose it,,& I learnt this when he left me.
In college, I was totally lost. The sounds of teachers & classmates were falling on my ears but they were not producing any kind of sensation. One of my friend came to me & said, “You saw what happened in class?”. I was startled , I wasn’t in class , I was outside,, walking,, where??? I didn’t know. I said, “No”. He was so annoyed,, all the excitement just flushed away from his face in a nano second & he said, “yaar, I don’t care if anything happens to anyone, but nothing should happen to Vandana’s pc”. Cho chweet of him. My addiction to pc really had a bad effect on me & my relationship with my friends. I wasn’t able to access to my pc & that’s why I was so lost. Yaar pc nahi to cell sehi. And then I was like busy with this mobile internet service,, even now I am. My another was pissed off with this habit of mine & she even said, “Vandana, I am gonna snatch this from you & break it into pieces.”

Oh god!!! I didn’t realized when I became a real gizmo freak & so addicted to these things. I need to go to some rehabilitation camp. Is there any such camp???????

Monday, March 23, 2009

Snapshots of my life 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes the much awaited post of all times (I know I am exaggerating, but for me & SB, it is, right sugar?). Some excerpts from my diary. Here it goes:
Today I casted first vote of my life,,,it was an amazing experience. Now I have started using spectacles but only at home my eyesight has become very weak. Probably I’ll be living in the world of four senses or may be only three senses in the near future. Big big eyes but can’t see properly, big big ears but still slight hard of hearing. Oh God, it’s like "Ek anar & 100 bemariyan”. As NC says “Vandana, I don’t think you have any indri (sense) that works properly.” Poor me!!! LOL. Leave it, I am so excited about my trip to vaishno devi.
Finally, that much awaited day arrived & I went to vaishno devi on Friday. The one moment that I’ll remember for rest of my life is that “Jai mata di” of AS. Initially these restless gals RM & PC didn’t allow anyone to sleep. But then finally they went out & I managed to get blanket from NDK & went to sleep. When I was enjoying the moment of silence, just then AS woke up (I doubt if he was sleeping actually, as he was busy with AV & dostana stuff, LOL) & started chanting “Jai mata di”. God, he made me to laugh so much. When I asked him to stop it, he did, I was glad. But after few seconds, he said, “Vandana”, I replied,”What?”, then he replied, “Jai mata di”. I was like WTF but yeah, I couldn’t stop laughing as well. He kept repeating this, just changing the names, sometimes it was PSR, sometimes it was SS, and rest of times it was "Vandana",LOL it was so damn funny.
EJ called me to wish me New Year, things are fine between us now, though I know a knot will remain there. Moreover, I have given up expecting good from others. This year, no more sharing with others, just me & my …..nobody yaar. Still busy with blogging,3 followers, good going. I met NT,AP,SK today, strange, I have friends with same name in college also, only difference being their surname.
This week was quite hectic as I was hell busy in practicals. Three went ok, I performed all but viva voice wasn’t that good, let’s see what happens? Sometimes I think my only-devil-may care attitude will lead me nowhere. Oh yeah, I have been to that vellagiri stuff with R,E,S. PS wasn’t fine, so she didn’t joined.
Am I manner less? May be, but then , it’s my life, let me live the way I want. Now being 21 years of age, I am fed up of these relationships. Sometimes, I think its best thing to be alone. Solitude is a bliss, I tell you.
Lab tests over finally. I got 32 out of 40 in communications. Not bad if you ask me. In pulse I got 5.8, again not bad, I am complacent with these marks. SP & AK came to home. It was a pleasant surprise. Old is gold, well said by someone. I remember, when SP joined our school in 5th standard (mid-term), from that time itself, I became a big time fan of her Charismatic personality & her beautiful handwriting. Everything about her was perfect & I desperately wanted her to be my friend. Soon we became best friends. “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, though it can be transferred”, a law of physics & it found its application in my case also. SP, somehow, lost that charisma & I gained the same. AK, I can only say that she cared more about me than herself. I have shared a beautiful portion of my life with her that was full of excitement, new dreams, and new hopes. She was very interested in knowing what’s going on in my life & she listened to all my crap with due attention, even now she’s like that. I just love her for that.
Finally, I got to know who is the secret admirer of my blog, its G, quite an interesting gal, I think I’ll get to know many things from her. And yeah, finally I got a sikh gal as my friend, great.
So now that supplementary exam is over. It went well, I attempted 100 marks paper & all correct, let’s see how many marks I get? Good thing about this suppli stuff is that during this suppli, I get to know how much my friends love me, so many calls & messages, it’s great.
Exams preponed. What the heck!! Now I won’t be able to attend M Di’s marriage. Actually good for me, escape from functional attayachar!! Z is back just got 11 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. from him. He’ll give Prison Break & few movies also. He has already seen that movie, God , he already knows things which I have just became familiar with!! But, whenever he’s back he has something new to tell, something new to share, & I wait eagerly for him to be back, my first & still best friend. I really miss the times when we were together, doing all that stupid & mischievous stuff. I feel nostalgic about that time. I wish we were in same college, but it’s all about fates. Since we got admissions in different colleges, we developed into different personalities. I still remember that day, 12th of April, 2002, the happiest as well as the saddest day of my life.
I got the response, when I was least expecting it & now it’s just flooding from the past three days. Watching telugu movies & studying hard with PS. Planning to write a new post but haven’t started yet.
Three days to go for N Di’s marriage, functions have already start. I can hear the beats of Dholki, I’m not there as my eyes are burning, I haven’t relaxed since morning, & for the last two & a half hours I was in front of my pc reading “Walk to remember”. I wept a lot reading that. I could have cried buckets but with so many people around here, it wasn’t possible, as then they would tell my parents that your daughter has gone mad.
I fell from Z’s bike yesterday & it wasn’t funny as it was when I fell from K’s scooty. I still have pain in my body but can help it, have to bear as I can’t tell mom because then Z will be scolded by Badi mummy. When the people were telling Z that he should have checked whether I had sit properly or not, I felt like slapping those people then & there only, how dare they talk to my brother like this, but since I wasn’t well then , I couldn’t do anything.
Di’s back from her 17 days tour. Missing her was good but having her back is equally bad. She’s eating up my brain. Telling everything she has done there. God!! help me!!
Exams are over finally. They went good except for one. I am feeling very dizzy now after reading 150 pages of “The Da Vinci Code”. My eyes are burning but I have to complete it today, just 40 pages left now.
I got registered for 6th sem. Guess what? S is not teaching this sem, what a relief!! I have completed “The Alchemist” also. 5 followers now, not bad!! Aur aahista keejeye baatein…………………. I’m listening to this now, so soothing I tell you. V bhaiya is such a big flirt & that gal, can’t believe, but it was so damn funny, I can’t stop laughing.
I'm absolutely mad, I don’t know what got into my head? This depression can be dangerous sometimes, I tell you. But really, that was so damn funny : P short-term-memory-loss LOL. I have been to that vellagiri stuff with SB & EA. Did I told you EA has started blogging?
First day of 6th sem, just three semesters to go, oh my God, this is gonna be over!! I told everyone to come but somehow I skipped NC, & now after knowing that he was in Jammu, I am feeling so guilty because of me, he missed his lab. Even he was saying that I should feel guilty but I know he didn’t mean that. B ma'm seems to be twin of S, God I think I'm Gonna have issues with her also, but I'll try to keep my cool. Being in her class is like sitting in a torture chamber. She seems to be sucking my blood. P ma'm cho chweet!!! :P
7 followers,40 posts great going, I should say & so many comments, I’m in seventh heaven. Planning for picnic, let’s see what happens.

P.S. :-
tell me, how was it? A roller coaster ride na???????

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yippee !!! I got an award.....................

I got first award on blogger. Thanks R.K. for nominating me. Before receiving this triple award let me thank few people. Okay guys I know neither I am getting an Oscar( but then who wants Oscar) nor I am getting a Booker award (which obviously I want for my first book that I am gonna finish after some 20 years, LOL planning a way ahead). Okay the List goes like this:
First of all Thanks God for being with me,
Sneha jo( for being an admirer of my blog & reading & then commenting on every single post, though I know it’s a very torturing job),
Pooja(for checking my blog & commenting on it whenever your moody pc is working properly),
Reeti( for checking my blog & commenting whenever you find time from your busy schedule),
Ekta(for checking & commenting on my blog at least once, & then teasing me for that,LOL),
Shivani,Shanu,Anita(for saying that you’ll check my blog someday),
Eksha(for being a follower & admirer of my blog),
G(for being a follower of my blog ),
Jogi(for at least asking the link to my blog & of course for checking it once),
Nameru(for liking my blog),
Govind,Karan,Nitish,Prerna,Nirneet,Arunima, Adarsh,Narsingh,Anish(for checking my blog & commenting also),
Thinker(for being first follower of my blog),
Mehtab, Inderjeet(for being follower of my blog),
Mastam,Mandar(for checking my blog)
Anil(for being the first one to comment on my blog),

Surbhit (for being follower of my blog)
There are other friends also (all thanks to God for giving me so many wonderful friends, well touchwood to that) who haven’t checked my blog or maybe they have without my knowledge, I wanna thank them also because indirectly they are also a part of this blog because I have learned so many things from people around & they are like inspiration for every single post that is scribbled on this blog.

Do you think I am exaggerating this thing? Hmmmmm………may be I am but then who cares. See you don't get a chance to show gratitude to your friends every day, so whenever you get a chance so should do that, right? No matter how small the matter is for which you are being so grateful.
But then hey,,is this thing so small. May be not as R.K. follows so many blog out of which he has nominated only 10 , of course I am one among them. R.K. now please don’t prove me wrong.

Oh God, I totally forgot about that award. Really I think I am becoming Keller of “The Stars Shine Down” or Sanjay Singhaniya of Ghajini,,whatever.
The rules for this award, as mentioned by R.K. are :

1. Put the logo on your post.

2. Nominate 10 blogs that you feel show great Attitude or Gratitude or both.

3. Make sure you link your nominees to this post.

4. Let them know they received the award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received this award.

Since I don’t follow many blogs so I am nominating the four blogs I follow.
So the award goes to
1) G

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Making a beautiful story for tomorrow..........

Nicholas Sparks, Khaled Housseni & to some extent Jeffery Archer & Chetan Bhagat, have made me to cry buckets, believe it or not (though I don’t like weeping in front of everyone, only once I did that, in front of friends when I got second backlog, as then I really couldn’t control myself, though I laughed a lot thinking how I was weeping like a little baby & my friends didn’t disappointed me either & afterwards they also laughed & teased me about the way I was weeping :P). Those people who don’t know these names (I know I sound a bit dumb here, as who won’t know them), let me tell you, these people are famous novelists who are the author of international & national bestsellers. Though I have read novels of others authors also but those were not emotional & sentimental stuff. Now, I, myself, being an emotional person (LOL please believe I am), like emotional stuff a lot or I can say I am an ardent lover of emotional novels or whatever they are exactly called. I really had this thing in mind when I was a little sweet kid (yeah,once upon a time i was very sweet,hey wait,even now i am) that, I am gonna write a book though I wasn’t sure what I am gonna write& I never told about this thing to anyone. But now I know what I m gonna write about.

The protagonist will be a girl, it has to be, because I am a girl,LOL doesn’t make any sense I know. Now what the story will b like? Haven’t exactly thought. It can be my story (though it’s not very interesting) with some fiction in that or fiction having a bit of my story in it or complete fiction, whatever.

It’s not easy to show your dreams to others, no one cares actually. And even I know this dream isn’t easy to realize. It isn’t easy to be an author, and I don’t want to be just any author, I want my books to be international bestsellers or at least national best seller. Sigh………………I am back here from the trip to future where I was signing autographs on my latest released novels :P.
okay I admit, I lack many things that an author needs to have. One,, my language skills, as you know, absolutely sucks. Two,, I m not in IIT, IIMs & I am not even an NRI or any big personality,,just a small town girl,,oh sorry,, a small village girl,,so no chance at all.

As my friend EA says keep dreaming as you never know when they’ll change into reality,though she’s not only one to say so .“The Alchemist” is all about that. According to “The Alchemist”,,,,
when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it
So maybe one day I’ll be an author, who knows?
Even if I don’t get publishers for my book, I’ll still write it & read it at least once in a month or once a week,, or whatever

I know you must be thinking this girl is mad, jerk, nuts or whatever
Believe me I am, & even sometimes I think I belong to some mental hospital. But these mothers are very loving creatures ( & my mom is like the best mom,,too loving & caring) they won’t send their children to mental hospital as such LOL

What a crap!!

P.S. :-

even I don’t understand what I have written then how could you. But still if you
understood anything do tell me.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yaad aayenge yeh pal...............


(Administrative block)
Many of you won’t be acquainted with this name, especially those who are dwelling outside Jammu. Let me have the pleasure to introduce you to MIET, it stands for Model Institute of Engineering & Technology situated in Kot Bhalwal (place having a famous jail also), Jammu, though some ex-students & students call it Mast Institute of Entertainment & Time-pass. If you happen to take a survey of this college & ask its students about it, then I am afraid you won’t get a very good response. They’ll have lots of complaints & they’ll tell you many things that this college lacks. But if you ask me, then I’ll tell you about the happiest days of my life that I have spent here & the numerous sweet memories that this college has given me.

I am presently in 6th semester that means, three more semesters still to go for my engineering to be over but I don’t want my college life to be over.

I had never thought I’ll join this college. In fact, I never wanted to be an engineer in the first place (What I wanted to be? Don’t ask as I don’t want to scratch my old wounds). But as they say, God has already planned everything. The initial days of my college life were depressing as hell because this college was an altogether different planet for me with no familiar creatures & to add more to this depression there was that ragging stuff. Although I wasn’t ragged that much (thanks to my surname) but still giving that formal intro again & again, and standing & wishing seniors whenever they entered our class was equally depressing. At that time, whenever a senior entered our class, we felt like killing that senior then & there only. One good thing about this ragging thing is that, it brings you closer to your classmates instantly because these creatures are also going through the same phase. You don’t have to give your formal intro to them as they get to hear it almost 100 times a day. Many of us had pledged that they won’t treat their juniors like this but when you become senior, some sort of devil takes control of your senses & you want to take revenge from those new innocent creatures by following the footsteps of your seniors. But as nothing lasts forever, even this ragging phase was over soon.

First semester was occupied with this ragging stuff mainly, though there were many more things also. One of the important incidents of our first semester was our first mass bunk. I really can’t forget it. Hiding from our HOD, being caught by him & then promising him that this won’t happen again. Since then 90% of mass bunks are a big flop & only 10% is the success rate. There are many things associated with these mass bunks, especially with the flop ones. I remember every time we decided to have mass bunk, principle had a good walk, running after us & we still marching towards the main gate uninterrupted.
(path leading towards college gate)
Many times, some of us are caught from canteen, library, and net lab & are made to attend the class. No one ever wishes to be caught because whoever is caught is not only scolded by the principal & HOD but also rest of the class or I can say he or she has to face opposition of class. He or she is looked down as untouchable. Our principal & HOD are really very free persons or in my words they are indeed very velle. After every successful mass bunk, they call our parents to tell them about mass bunk. These mass bunks are associated with many controversies also. Our principle changed, our HOD’s changed, even CR’s changed but we are still the same, too stubborn to say no to mass bunks. In regard to these mass bunks we have always been jealous of CSE branch as their mass bunks are always successful & they are never caught. There has always been hell lot of comparison between us & them pertaining to class unity. But now as if God has finally listened to our prayers, this time their HOD made them to attend classes till the end of the semester while we were enjoying at home.
(Bhag-e-Bahu gardens of our college)
Every place in this college is special to me as it has numerous memories associated with it. Our college is famous for parks. In winter, it’s really good to bunk classes & enjoy warm sunlight in these parks. One such park, near to college gate is called lovers’ garden, though it not meant for lovers only. I also have spent lot of time there discussing some stupid stuff & playing some silly games.

(lovers’ garden)
(college canteen)
How can I forget about college canteen? Our college canteen is the heart of our college, as it is in every college. I think it is one of the best canteens one can have, regarding location, as I am a nature lover though its menu sucks. We have consumed gallons of cold drinks & tonnes of chips, celebrating our ever little achievement & moments of happiness, though we don’t need any special occasion to be here, we can invade it anytime. We have played lots of Truth-and-dare & dumb charades here. This truth-and-dare also reminds me of some controversies. In summer, it’s really very refreshing to bunk those boring classes & sit her. (I have spend major part of my 3rd semester here).

Now coming to library. Don’t worry I am not going to discuss about those boring engineering books found here, but ya I was introduced to famous novelists Agatha Christie & Jeffery Archer here. And that Photostat shop,adjoining reference library, that swallows our pocket money without a gulp.Well this also reminds me of assignments but I am not gonna discuss about them as I have already discussed then in a post.

Laboratories & workshops also need a mention as we have played many pranks here & shared many things.

Now coming to the most important place, associated with numerous memories that are worth million dollars - our classroom or I can say our KARAMSHATRA. My classroom is the habitat of a variety of species ranging from most studious to most mischievous, from most quite to most talkative, from actors to singers, from schemers to the innocents. Some act like the most innocent angels, with their deceiving Mona Lisa smile, in front of teachers but are actually mischievous devils in reality, we fondly call such creatures as "Frody".We are a bunch of devils & don’t spare any teacher, especially the newly appointed ones. In spite of giving our intro to them, we take their intro & after listening to their aggregate percentage that uhhhs & ahhhs keep echoing in the classroom for the whole lecture. And then there are that Bham Bham Bhole, N N Vohra Hai Hai slogans too, though agitation in Jammu is over long ago, but I guess I’ll have to listen to these slogans till I am in this college. I don't know what sort of instant talent gets into my classmates, that all of a sudden there's is band of singers in our class & this band can sing any song of your demand, no matter if the teacher is still in the class.Many little things & some very big have happened here that I can’t forget. Many memories are associated with every classmate. Like there is a guy in our class, wherever a teacher asks for any question, the only question he asks is which book to follow, even if it is the end of the semester the question remains unchanged, always the same. Another guy always has one answer for any question & the answer is, “It’s because of noise”. Another guy who doesn’t have any reason of laughing, oh my mistake, I mean smiling because he has got a smiling face, that’s what he tells teachers. There are also some special appearances in the class whom we get to see during exams or during some special occasions. Then there are some brilliant students whom we don’t want to be present in the class, if it is our seminar. These teachers are also very strange creatures, each having his or her own unique way of teaching combined with some peculiar habits. Like there’s one who keeps on saying “Thik hai, Thik hai” & we bet how many times she’ll use this word in one lecture. Once I counted & this “Thik Hai” count was 135. Then there are others who are just too slow & they can make you to go on hibernation if you listen to them attentively. Some have a very different accent, that can make you to laugh & then are some more whose English is so good that you develop inferiority complex (like one used to say “as this going on increasing, that going on decreasing"). God please forgive me, even mine is not that good.

Well I have also seen many small things turning into big issues & friends becoming enemies, many make-ups & break-ups & many more things while being in this college. When I joined this college I didn’t know anyone here but now whole class is my friend. Friends who are always there with me during those depressing days of results, not only in those days but always there for me & of course I am always there for them.

There are many more things that I wanna share. In fact I can write a book on my college life, but writing everything in this post won’t be a good idea. I have evolved into an altogether different person during my college life. This college has taught me many things about relationships, friends, sharing & above all it has taught me to be just a good human being rather than being anything else!!!

really, when I’ll read this post after 2 years, I won’t be able to read it without wetting my eyes.
Anyways, here’s a request for everyone whoever reads this post, do comment on it & share some experiences about your college life or school life. Please please do comment because post is very special to me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am still alive!!

Hellooooooooo friends!!
Yup you read it correctly I am still alive & now I am back here with lots of more crap. I heard sound of slapping. Oh please don’t slap your forehead so hard, I mean it’s your bad luck what can I do?

One in third
One in fourth
& one in fifth will be a hat trick for me. But I really don’t want it. I am talking about backlogs. Well all my examz were okay except one. After giving that one, when I was going out of the examination hall I was thinking perhaps I am the only duffer who wasn’t able to crack the question paper but then I heard others discussing that the paper was really difficult & even they are expecting backlogs. But as they say any excuse is enough for a wicked person so I should not make this an excuse for my hat trick.

Before these examz, I had that supplementary exam also. During that exam, one of my classmate said, “Vandana what are you doing here?”
I replied, “I got suppli. That’s why I am here.”
He said, “Stop joking! You can’t have suppli.”
When I said, “I am serious.”
Still in shock, he said, “what?” & while saying this, his jaw dropped almost to ground level.
At that moment I was like, oh God, may this earth split right now & may I get submerged in it.
I was so ashamed of myself then.
Really, now I am tired of these backlogs. Though I have cleared the first one & I hope I’ll clear second one also & that too with good marks, but still it is damn hard to read the books again that you have read once (please don’t compare novels with these ordinary books). One thing is good about this suppli stuff that is that you really get so much love of your friends in form of their wishes. My mobile is literally flooded with best of luck messages & calls during suppli days & I feel so lucky to have so supporting & caring friends around me. Thank you all friends!!
Wanna mention an incident here.
Before the suppli exam, when I ended up such a best-of-luck-call from a friend, another friend sitting next to me (who happened to join me just then) said, “What were you talking about?” & I replied that it was just a best-of-luck-call. He then replied, “Oh I forgot you are the Godmother of the class. So you ought to receive so many calls.
I was really pissed off then. Also a friend of mine calls me mother Teresa.

Hey friends!! here is a message for you:
I am happy with my name. Please don’t give me such titles. I mean these are like Eww!! Don’t have even words to describe. I really don’t need anything for whatever I do for you, & surely not these titles.

Well I am following the plans that I had made. Today just after giving exam, I did that vellagiri stuff, I mean shopping & all that with friends.
I still haven’t completed “The Da Vinci Code” & “The Godfather” as this time like G ( a friend & the only one whose blog I follow) procrastination took over me. But since it is not one of my attributes, I managed to complete three novels, viz., A walk to remember, Love story & The notebook. All three too good, I tell you, made me to cry buckets.
I tried my level best to keep this post short as the coming two posts are gonna be quite long & special(at least to me) but if I won’t write here then where would I write?
Don’t say answer sheets, as I never consider them as my own space
Takecare :P


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