Saturday, January 31, 2009

Offline but still not on line!!

Well I am a gizmo freak or to put it rightly, I am a computer freak. I am addicted to it, especially for net surfing. Since I go crazy for things so whenever I get to know about some new thing which I haven’t heard about, my first reflex action is to search about it on net. This exactly fit like a glove for novels. And now, when I am introduced to the concept of eBooks (u must be thinking what a dumbo this gal is, she got to know about eBooks now?) by a new friend of mine, this mania has reached its extreme. T.V. is no problem for me as I am neither a movie buff nor that fanatic about T.V. shows. So only problem is computer related. With exams, just two weeks from now, I was worried that this craziness would be very harmful for me & this will detour me from my path. What path? Since the graph of my aggregate percentage is falling so this time I have decided to get a decent percentage, so that this graph becomes constant.

So as a solution to this problem I had made a resolution not to use net for two weeks, at least, not complete abolition of computer, since it can be fatal for a person like me who is suffering from DISCOMGOOGOLATION. Now what the heck is this? This is a phobia related to the stress experienced at being unable to access the internet. Really, I get stressed out when I am not able to use internet. I did so for one week & from now I am again online. You can’t imagine how I was feeling being offline for one whole week. It was just one week & I feel I was offline for ages. To my relief, I had few eBooks so it wasn’t that bad.

Now taking about that problem, I was offline but still not online for studies. I have started but not that well. Still it’s good, as something is better than nothing.


G said...

whos da new frnd u talkin about ?????????????????????????????

sneha said...

hey u kno u r lucky coz u r js addicted to d comp akka internet but luk at me m addicted to d net as well as d tv...nd a few mre thngss as well...!!
abhi after i go from here i hv to watch u cn imagine hw hectic my life is...!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

well choti,, u knw that person very well
it's u who else
since the day u introduced me to eBooks
i hv downloaded 10

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

sneha jo!! even i am addicted to rodies
bt that's just once in a week

G said...

haha... happens..for me i got so badly hooked on to ebooks that i would not move away from the lappy until my eyes would burn out.. but soon the craze fades out ..
u know having the real book in ur hand is a completely different match to that !
neway enjoy this phase too :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

ya really,,real book is something different bt wat if someone doesnt find some book she is searching for around her?
eBooks r the only solution then

bt that eyes prblm is right
my eyesight is alread weak

& the strain after reading just one chapter of eBook is o-my-god!!


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