Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just me!!!

Well,, it must be clear from the posts in my blog that I am a self obsessed person. I love myself,, no doubt there are many things that I don't like about myself but still I love myself.

It's like I am praising myself so here are some testimonials (from orkut) from my friends (adulation from others) so that you may get to know that others also praise me (LOL) & of course my comments on them. So, here they go
This one from FRIEND 1:
"It always feel good 2 write about ur best friends but for someone special like Vandana, it feels great. She is one of the few persons who are close to my heart.She is a very warm & friendly person.She is broadminded,bold,confident & has a great leadership quality,i must say.Her caring ,lovable & down to earth nature has brought me closer to her.....I'm a fan of her beauuutifulll eyes,long hair & great personality. One thing dat I must mention is that, she is verrry helpful & I'm not the only one 2 say this; she is famous for helping others in their assignments.She is always there for friends.She can't say NO 2 anyone......She always keep her word.She has all dat is required to be a complete girl...... She do lose her temper sometimes but control herself well as soon as she realizes....She is blessed with a very kind & loving heart... Girl u r a darling ..Luv u always.May u reach all the milestones of life!!!!!!!We have been friends for two years now and hope our friendship last forever....................."

My comments:
Well this one is from the person whom I admire the most. She is so sweet that she can't see any flaw in others so she has scribbled only my qualities in this testimonial. But it’s true that I am helping, caring, broadminded & confident, & of course little bit short tempered.
"Great personality",, all I can say about this is LOL.

This one from FRIEND 2:

First testimonial by her:
“Well VANDANA d frst thng dat cms to ma mind wen i thnk of her is ASSINGMENTS..... to elaborate.....well pple shes d one gurl in our class who manages to make all d assignments in our class.......nd her poor sheets get tired by gettng photostated again nd again nd again......
Coming to other thngss shes is one of d most gud natured girl i ve evr met...evr ready to help u...upto ne extent....apart frm dat shes extremly friendly,funny nd fun to b wid,
To talk of her looks well, shes tall , slim , beautiful (NATURAL BEAUTY AT ITS BEST) , nd yea i js lov her long hair....

Vandana i wanna tell u dat ur beauty lies in ur simplicity......so plz b as u r...
nd yaa keep up d gud work...( i mean d assignments)

Second testimonial by her:

"this is d second testimonial m writing 4 vandana jo(dats wt i call her)..she is one of d most sweetest person i ve evr met...extremely helpful..carin...nd gr8 to hang out with..
kabhi kabhi she seems to be ikdum mature type..intelligent bt sometimes she is lik totally d opposite ... careless nd childish...bt any which way she is equally likeable.
her beauty lies in her simplicity and hardwork.
also she is a gr8 writer i follow her blog almost regularly ..!!
v always hv a gr8 tyme wenevr v go shopping together..v literally hv a blast..

vandana jo , baby b d way u r
b brave and powers will come to ur aid..

My comments:
This is again from the person whom I admire a lot. In the first testimonial she has mentioned a lot about assignments & rest is the same. Helping, caring, yes I am. Sweet, yes I am but not the sweetest. Sometimes, I am too careless & childish & she has pointed out this which nobody else has mentioned. Simplicity? Yes I believe in simplicity. If I have to define myself in terms of simplicity, then the phrase that describes me the best is "simplicity of appearance but complexity of thoughts". Hardwork? LOL, but since I love to be busy, others confuse it with hard work. And yeah, I love hanging out with friends. Great writer? You tell me……..

This one from FRIEND 3:
"hmm...this onez 4 u sweetie..........
shez such a sweet, cute n charming person...........
she is a lovely person n even a more lovely friend......
shez very understanding..........
shez also an intelligent person(cleared up her xams in 1st attempts)........
helps her classmates to complete their work in time.........
a very helping n caring person......
can charm ne boy wid her beauty.....shez such a beautiful person......
P must b lucky to hv u as her close friend.........
shez a complete package of beauty wid brains.....
u cant find nething in her wich would b dipressing........
she enjoys every moment of her lyf wid full flushed enthusiasm...........
u rock babzzz.........
b as u are n believe me....u'll definitely touch the sky one day.........
best of luck..........."

My comments:
Charming & cute?? Beauty? LOL+LOL+LOL………….up to infinity. But yes as I said earlier, I am a very friendly, helping & caring person.
"intelligent person(cleared up her xams in 1st attempts)" ,,,, again LOL to that. Only a few days must had been passed after I received this testimonial, when I got my first backlog & after 8 months I got second backlog,, so what intelligence??
Yes I do enjoy a lot because I just live for the day.
This one from FRIEND 4:
"Ye lo testimonial yar?
khush rhooo
shez d 1 whu zz ready 2 mass bunk nytime bt stll topz in xams like me?
hr potential can b well seen inG.D.z n various class meetinzzz?
as a klass mate shezz adorable,kind n a sincere human beung
1-VE pt about hr z=
shezz vry short tempered bt nt more dn me....
at lassss i wish hr a BRIGHTFUTURE in life?
diz all i 9 about hr/
gud lck 2 u dr"

My comments:
Till now, I don't understand,, what this guy finds rocking about my name??? Maybe he finds something rocking in my surname. Well, now I am not that much ready for mass bunks, but still when there is a need for mass bunks (what a joke, there isn’t ever a need for that), I am always there for convincing others. "Tops in exams" a sarcastic comment or I can say a good joke. My potential,, very much true. And since I am in TOP 12(what sense? Don’t ask), so I have to be there in class meetings. Adorable & kind? I think I am. Short tempered? Who knows this better than this guy as once I had a fight with him because he accidently hit my friend, and when it comes to my friends, I can go absolutely mad & can do anything.
This one from FRIEND 5:
"fool but wise,
wicked but caring,
psychic but stable,
illogical but rational,
bad but nice.

The most foolish but the cleverest one.
The worst one but nicest of all."

My comments:
This one is written by my cousin-cum-friend who is with me right after 14 hours of my birth so he knows me better. Sorry, no comments on this testimonial.
This one from FRIEND 6:
"****VANDANA $LATHIA********

This gal has everything, she is brave, bold, outrageous n an impeccable pal.she is d 1 ho comes to hlp u without ne terms n cond.
she has a royal heart & and spend money like anything.In our class nebody hvng ne prblm go for her. she can do nething for her frnds
she took no time to even fight for her buddys,one day a chap in our class was playng cricket n we all were taking lunch n ball suddenly stike me n
she started fighting with her like ne thing n i was so happy at that time to see her lve for me.besides of her girlish look she is mor like a tomboy
n i admire hr for dat . her only bad quality ye apne mom dad ko lootti hai
in d end i want to say dat

My comments:
Well absolutely right, I am brave, bold & outrageous, being a Rajput, I ought to be. But I am not impeccable, I admit that. Helping, yes I am. This is the friend for whom I fought with friend 3. Tomboy? Yes I am a bit like that. Spendthrift? Yes I am but not that much.
This one from FRIEND 7:

"vandana..wel..u cn cal hr my childhood friend...
shez very friendly n lovable...she has a very confident personality..
if she has decided sumthn u cn't change hr decision....
shz a typical "RAJPUT" girl....very beautiful n traditional.......
n one more thing...shez very helpful..i usually call hr "JAGATMATA"..as
shez always ready 2 help everyone......
jst wanna say vandana..u r simply d BEST......."

My comments:
This is from the person whom I admire a lot. Friendly, helping, confident,,yes I am. Rajput,, of course a true rajput.

This one from FRIEND 8:
"VANDANA ....................... is really a sweet mast n happy-go-lucky type gal who knw wht she want n wht not. N if she have decided 2 achieve sumthing ,she try her best 2 achieve tht at any cost.
shezzzzz bold n gotta loads of personality n a gr8888 sense of humour.
intelligence,careness,sweetness,friendliness n last but not the least silliness thesezzzz all qualities r in her blood.
she is the one of the person on whom i have blind faith...n sure tht she will never ever ditch me or forget me"

My comments:
I am happy-go-lucky type & once I have decided to get something nothing can change my mind (not applicable for studies), actually I am too stubborn. Personality, LOL. Of course I won't ditch any of my friends.
This one from FRIEND 9:
“one testi is nt sfficnt 4 me.................. 2 write bout........... her
my frst imprsion of hr ws dat of "A FULL OF LIFE TYPE OF GAL",......AND she z still as well nw........... shez so mch enrgtic..........really she deservs 2 b r CR.........
APART 4M it, shez vry helpfl...........( she used 2 made evrybdyz assgnments.......whoevr he/ she zzzzzzzzzz)
she enjys hr life 2 d fullest xtent........vich z d bst thng in hr................... nvr givs up nd dare 2 move ahead and let othrs 2 move.............
I hav nvr seen such an nrgtic gal in my life..................
1 thing I also wanna mntion here dat d idea of cratng "MIET E&C BATCH" Z simply gr888888888888........................................................

I really vish hr all d bst 4 hr future and life.............................”

My comments:
Full of life,,,,,,very much true. Energetic,,, Yes I am like that; I don't like to sit free. And secret behind my energy is………. Not boost,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s………you guess, but my friends know that!!, well I am CR,,if not official then actually acting one,,along with my friend…helful,, again a big yes!!,,daring ,,,very much.

There are three more testimonials which are a perfect work of copying & pasting not personalized for me so I excluded them.

Well, I must say I don't deserve all this adulation but at least 99% of this.
Ok ok, 80% of this.
Now please don't raise your eyebrow like that.
Alright 70%
Ok then 60%
Please!! Not less than that
Oh just come on that is justified
60% settled.


sneha said...

this id rili cool...vry nice way of self accesment..gug goin..!!

sneha said...

nd m nt fed up..!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

then thanx a ton!!!

.... said...

arey waah.. someone is very popular...
n i thought i was the one with max non-firwarded testimonials lol !!

what is ur orkut id bdw ??

Kashmirviews said...

hey you blog is likable.
keep on writing...

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx a ton


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