Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's only Words!!

“It’s only words & words are all I have to take your heart away”
Well I really don’t intend to take your heart away with my words because I am not a witch. Well let me imagine how I would look in a witch’s getup. All I need is a witch’s hat which is somewhat conical type, a witch’s gown probably black or grey in color & a broom stick. Hey wait, still two things are missing, that curly hair & big crooked nose. For that curly hair, I would have to give myself a 440volts shock (after which I’ll be residing in heaven or hell, chances of hell are more) & for that big crooked nose, I would have to undergo rhinoplasty. Ah ha!! Here’s a perfect witch!!
Jokes apart!! It’as a great composition by boyzone, as you put it rightly.( I am talking about “it’s only…..” song not that witch’s getup)
“So this post is about boyzone”, that’s what you are thinking right. Nah!! Wrong guess. I don’t know much about boyzone, let alone this song.
“About western music”, again wrong. I am not that crazy about western music, though I like quite a few western songs that really touch my soul.
“Then surely about music”, no my dear, again you are wrong. Of course, I do love music, well who doesn’t. For me, nothing is like all time favorite; any song that touches my soul becomes my favorite, though I am very crazy about Punjabi sad songs. People say they suck, but for me, they rock.
“Then what this post is about?”
This post is about words. Yes, you read it correctly, its “words”.
Supposing, speech wasn’t bestowed to mankind then what this world would be like? Well, not that mind twisting riddle, because still we would have the invention called writing. And again suppose if speech & this amazing invention called writing is missing, then? Well, really very hard to imagine, because then even novels & blogging would be missing & how I am supposed to live without them. Damn right!! Words got that power. It’s becoming more of an essay stuff regarding writing & speech so let me shift my gear.
Words, some spoken, some unspoken, which really made a difference in your life. Just look behind, stir the soup of memories of past & you’ll find even without spices it is giving that aroma. You’ll surely recollect enormous words, each associated with a moment that you can’t forget so easily. Some lovely words, some kind words, some harsh words, some stupid words, some meaningful words, all so amazing & special to you. You may forget people, but not those words associated with them. Like there are hundreds of nick names my encyclopedia (my cousin) has given me. My elder sis invents words herself. Really you won’t find them in any dictionary because she has invented them herself. There is a big list of words that I can’t forget & the recent list includes
1) Mujhe kya sapna aana tha (it reminds me how cutely, innocently yet with a perfect blend of mischief, someone can use words)
2) Arabian nights( a secret)
3) Dignity (it reminds how sometimes I act like I am off my head)
4) Lenient (how people return for your good deeds)
5) helpful (it would always remind me of my friends)
6) mujhe vo accha aa raha tha (childhood)
7) mujhe mil nhi raha (how dumb someone can be)
8) jai mata di (how funny someone can be)
9) jo (my favorite novel & a friend)
10) top 12 (my college life)
Each of them is associated with a story that I can’t forget.
So what words are in your list?


sneha said...

hey dis is damn cute .... nd guess wt evn i realised d importance nd power of words..hmmm..
use d rite wrds in exams nd gt smhw i nvr manage to do dat!!(sigh)

never mind!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

well in xamz even i dnt use right words!!

iamalfan said...

nice one..cute.. :)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

thanx alfan!!


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