Thursday, December 31, 2009


So yet another year is about to end. I don’t know about others but this year was full of happenings for me. Every single moment was a sort of adventure. A hell lot of significant & insignificant things happened that changed my life to a great extent. Finally I got to know how to judge people, though I know I can still be wrong. Nevertheless, everything was a great experience.

I laughed, I cried, I talked, I listened, I read (novels not my course books), I wrote (posts for my blog), I participated, I organized, I had treats, I gave treats, I left stones, I took gems, I taught, I learned, I lost some things but I won yet another battle with life.

So leaving all the bitter memories behind & taking all the sweet memories, I’m all ready to enter 2010. As it’s a ritual for me to make resolutions for every year though every year my resolutions are almost same, here are my resolutions for 2010:

1) 1) This year will be my last year in college rather last semester in college, so I’m gonna enjoy to fullest, more than I enjoyed this year. More picnics, more trips, more parties, more bunks, and more time in canteen.

2) 2) I’m gonna read all of Paulo Coelho’s novels this year. I have already read 4 of his novels.

3) 3) I’ll use spectacles most of the time when I’m at home.

4) 4) I’ll try not to say no to anyone whosoever asks for my help in college (though I still do the same) as this is my last year in college :(

5) 5) I’ll start my novel this year. No more delay.

Hope I act upon these resolutions.

P.S. wishing all my friends & readers a very happy & prosperous new year. May this year bring loads of happiness in your life.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

C for carelessness!!

(I'm back with my A,B,C,,,,,,A for assignments, B for busy and now C for carelessness)

Scene 1

At home

9 a.m. (note my college starts at 9:30a.m. & it’s about 5 kilometers away from my place & it takes near about 1hour to reach there,,all thanks to ultra slow transport to that route)

Me (yelling): “Mom, where’s my book/assignment file/novel/dupatta/sweater/chappal/spectacles/anything else? I can’t find it. I have told you 100 & one time not to touch my stuff”

Mom (cool as always): “As if this mess looks so good”

Me (still shrieking):“Good or bad, I don’t care but please never touch any of my stuff again, you got it?”

Mom (still so cool): “I didn’t touch anything,,,everything is as you left it, check carefully you’ll find it”

Me (even louder):“Do you think I’m lying,,,I really can’t find it”

Mom enters the room, just picks up few things & ah ha,,,,here’s what I was searching for.

She gives a dirty look & I just grin meekly.

This scene repeats almost every morning.

Scene 2:

At College

Any of my friend (shouting after me): “Vandy, where’s your bag/spectacles/assignment/any other thing?”

Me (puzzled): “I don’t remember,I guess I forget where I have left that,,have you seen it?”

That same friend (giving a dirty look): “yes of course, it’s here. You are so careless”

Scene 3:

On my way to college

Suddenly I remember that I forget to bring assignment/some other stuff ,, so I pick up my cell & call choti

Me: “yaar I forgot to bring my assignment/some other stuff. So please come with that,,I’m waiting”

Choti: “why you always forget your stuff at home?”

Why? Why? Why?

Not these only there are about a thousand such examples. The best one that I haven’t mentioned above is how I lost my phone.

I always forget many things & I don’t know exactly if it is carelessness or absent mindedness. I guess this is not my problem only,,,many other suffer from this. Now the question that arise here is,,,,why people are so careless???

Once I read it somewhere that the people who are too happy tend to be more careless as they are always lost in their own world. Now the same can be true for people who are not so happy,,,,or I can say too sad that they don’t see anything important around them & hence are absentminded. In the same book it was written for players that their minds are in skies & their hearts are in their boots so they often forget their stuff in trains or planes or whichever transport they are availing.

Now in my case,,,I guess nothing fits well,,,as I’m neither the happiest person of this world nor the saddest. I’m not even a player or anything like that but still I’m absent minded or careless whatever you call it,,,so there has to be some other theory. But then there’ll be a million absent minded & careless people like me for whom the above theory fails so there has to be some theory for people like us.

Ya there’s one,,,,may be all of the last group,that includes me also,consider ourselves as Alice who’s lost in her wonderland & that’s why we really are lost & wondering why we are so careless & absentminded?

P.S. does it make any sense?

P.S. 2 : One of my friend has also started blogging,,,the link to her blog is RENDEZVOUS. Do check it out.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


You get up in the morning,,,get ready for college,,,,as soon as you step inside college,,,some restless creatures surround you & you get busy in answering their queries & helping them,,,no matter what they want,,,you are there with a solution. This day,,,is again a busy day,,,as always,,,,,then after you come back to home straight,,,, or have a party(which you do most of the time),,,ofcourse you don’t need any reason for that,,,you party anywhere or anytime you want,,,then back to home,,,,again busy in attending calls,,,answering queries ,,,helping friends. If free from cell,,,then busy on net,,,mailing stuff to friends,,,because they need it & therefore you have to send,,,,if idle on net,,,then putting pics on Facebook,,,taking quizzes,,,commenting,,,updating status,,for no reason of course. If free from net & cell,,,then reading novels,,,trying to identify yourself with some character of the novel & in most of the cases you really find a character like you. Finally,,,nothing left to do & by this time you are too tired,,,so as soon as you get in bed,,you are in deep slumber.


Still you get time to get lost,,,,,even if you are in a crowd,,,,,or partying with friends,,,,or reading a novel. Lost,,,,,,where,,,why,,,,,you don’t have an answer!!!

Lost,,,,maybe,,,because,,,,that emptiness in your life is visible to you,,,,no matter how hard you try to escape from that emptiness. It comes & stands in front of you to let you know,,,,how meaningless is your life,,,,,and,,,once again you start to wonder,,,,,where is that real essence of life????

P.S. This post may have many mistakes,,,so help yourself & try to understand ;)

Monday, December 7, 2009

silly sweet moments!!!

No words..........

P.S. some patterns,,designs,,whatever were copied but the people are genuine & I've full authority to publish these pics of them,,,so do you like the pics???

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Mom (removing blanket from my face then hugging & kissing me): happy birthday

Me(hugging back): thank you, mommy(this is what I call my mom,,,when the love for her is irrupting in me)




7pm (12 hours later):

Mom: you come so late & you never really bother to inform at home. You are not even scared to come back so late,,,you should inform atleast,,,,,,,,blah blah blah

I,,,really not caring what she’s saying,,,went to wash my face,,,came back. Well I really feel like laughing whenever mom starts scolding me,,,it doesn’t suit her,,,she can’t be like other strict mom’s ,,,,never,,no matter how hard she tries.

Me: you didn’t come there,,,I was waiting,,,I even gave missed calls

Mom(giving a dirty look & I suppressing a laugh): you gave missed call just few moments ago. Now take your dad with you,,,,I’m busy

Out of all the permutations & combinations of parents God has made,,,I’ve got the most peculiar one. Mom,,being the sweetest person of this world & dad,,,being roughest person ever born on this earth. Mom doesn’t even know how to scold,,,,well,,,whatever little she has learnt,,is the gift of the strict mom’s present in her vicinity. She’s so loving,,,so caring & so sweet. If I would have her only,,,,I would have been still a five year old kid,,,,not at all matured. Now coming to dad,,,,,he’s a strange kind of person,,,one of his kind,,,,not giving a damn to what other says,,&,,emotionless,,,,if this is the right word I can use.

Back to scene:

Dad,,,,like me,,,,not listening to this silly conversation,,,,,busy in watching tv.

Me: ok let’s go papa.

Dad: wait for two minutes

Like the little kids do while waiting,,,I started exploring my surroundings.

Ah ha,,,,,,,New electrical equipment. Great,,,,so lemme just show my engineering skills,,,so what if I’m an electronics engineer,,,,I know so much about electrical engineering,,,so I started

Me(shocked): 2000watts,,,,,we haven’t the connection to use this much electricity. Moreover,,,these wires won’t permit us,,,we have to change wiring,,,this will burn everything,,,it’s too much load.

Dad got up & started walking towards door. Like a five year old,, I started following. So dark outside,,,empty roads,,,street dogs,,,,& just silence

Dad (breaking the silence): ya,,perhaps those wiring will damage everything,,I’ll consult the electrician tomorrow.

With definite intervals of silence,,,we continued this conversation,,,about wiring,,,,electricians,,,etc etc

After visiting the temple,,,we continued this conversation,,,on our way back home also with of course those regular intervals of silence.

(With dad,,,I can have only this kind of conversation,,,I can term this as official conversation,,,regaring such problems or his official problems. I never discuss my life,,,nor he asks. Mom,,on the other side,, always want to listen from me,,,but I don’t like to share)

During those intervals of silence I started thinking about some silly things. Dad didn’t even ask me why I was late,,,,he never bothers actually & mom is always so worried. Dad didn’t wish me today,,,,but then he hasn’t wished me ever,,though he never forgets my birthday,,reason being mom-dad’s marriage anniversary is on same day,,,& mom,,,,she’s always the first one to wish by hugging me. Mom can,,perhaps,,never forget that I’m a girl & dad,,never,,really took me as a girl

Oh yeah,,,,it’s all because of him,,,,I’m what I’m,,,,never willing to admit that I’m just a weak sect if society,,,,why should I???

Ya,,,it’s he who made me self dependent,,,fearless,,,bold,,whatever you may call it & of course careless & stubborn too,,,,,,,,,and sometimes arrogant also

Unlike all the girls,,,who are given a princess like treatment,,,,,,,,,I’m brought up like a prince,,,all thanks to my dad

Though neither he nor I’m gonna say the words “I love you” to each other directly,,,,,,,but here I’m saying,

p.s.: The pics have nothing to do with me,,,neither do they have any resemblance with my & my father's relation,,,I don't have any such pic with my dad,,,,,,,,or rather hardly any pic with my dad,,,,our relation is totally different,,,without having any definite definition

Monday, November 23, 2009

Random thoughts!!!

o here am I,,,scribbling whatever comes to my mind this moment,,,,it’s not because I’m desperate to publish a post in my blog,,,it’s just a little experiment or whatever you may call it. A moment before I had an anger attack (my weird terminology),,actually my di was here & irritating me,,she never stops teasing me,,and practically burns so much of my blood,,I try a lot not to give a damn to whatever she says but I fail. Anyways,, that anger attack is over now,,,,so now,,,let me wait for some random thought to come in my mind. Well this word random reminds me of a subject that we had in 5th semester, viz., “RANDOM PROCESSES & NOISE”,,,nothing special about this subject but yeah,, there is a special episode related to the teacher who used to teach us this particular subject,,she was a good teacher,,good or bad I don’t care actually,, but studious people in my class had such opinion about her,,okay,, what happened was,,,I had an issue with her,, I wasn’t actually talking when she made me & my two other friends to stand,,one was the topper,,once before also she had done this,,,I being very short tempered asked her the reason,,then I started my big bombastic dialogues that every student has dignity & blah blah blah,,,I didn’t listen to her,,but then she also said many things,,which I didn’t bother to listen. When she left the class,, many asked me to apologize,, as otherwise she would give me less marks or in worst case she would fail my internal,,,so I went after her,,,I don’t know what came in my mind,,instead of apologizing I told her that I hadn't came there for marks & I don’t give a damn to matks,, I came because I wanted her to know what type of student I was,,& what she did wasn’t right,,she replied that she knew what type of student I’m & she didn’t expected such thing from me,,,,then after people told me that was quite a gutsy move from me but stupid also. When result was out I got to know that she had given me good marks. Many said that it was because we both belonged to same community but it wasn’t like that. The one thing that she made me to learn (of course not anything related to the subject she taught,, no doubt I had maximum marks in that subject as compared to other subjects) was that forgiveness is the greatest virtue. From that day,,,I have controlled my temper a great deal.

Huh,,,,,,,,,,now lets again wait for some random thought to come in my mind,,,,,,,,oh yeah,,,my coffee mug,,it’s in front of me actually,,it reminds me of my friend who helped me in finding it

When you are doing nothing,,our mind is occupied with so many things but once you are determined to think about anything,,,,nothing comes,,,strange na???

Kaise bataien ,,,ki tujh ko chaahein,,,,lovely song na,,,choti was singing this so “THREE IDIOTS” came in my mind,,,even this movie has lovely songs,,,I’m looking forward to watch this movie,,,,I wanna see if this can do justice with “FIVE POINT SOMEONE”,,,,,,,the novel which made me to go to an IIT,,,,,awesome novel,,,I’ve discussed a lot about this novel previously in my blog also.

Powercut,,,,,so full stop

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More awards in my kiity :P

Yippee,,,I got two more awards,,,,given by funkyrave,,,,,,,,thanks funkyrave

Now since I always keep on exaggerating whenever I get award,,,so for a change this time I won’t,,,,but hey that doesn’t mean getting awards is insignificant,,,,,,,I’m too greedy for these awards but only those awards which are forwarded by people who genuinely like my blog & not those awards that are forwarded just for the heck of forwarding. So here are my awards:

And i forward this award to:

1) G

2) Vivek

3) Aradhana

4) Nivedita

5) Rahil

Monday, November 9, 2009

Messed up!!!!!

I guess you people would have already started doubting my passion for blogging as I’m quite irregular in publishing new posts. Well, I have an explanation for this,,,not one,,,,actually explanations for this. The first being my pc problem,,,,,it had some hardware problem & it took quite long for me to put aside my laziness and take it to some professional,,,now a new software problem has replaced the cured hardware problem,,,its my pc afterall,,how it can free from problems,,,still I can manage to access my account on blogger & other social networking sites,,(well that’s all I’ve to do with my pc),,,,then what took so long for me to publish a post???

Actually I have been to
IIT Roorkee along with my friends to attend the techfest there,,,viz THOMSO’ 09,,,it was such an awesome blossom show.

(a glimpse of excitement)
We enjoyed like hell but I lost my cell there ,,,actually some stupid,,idiot,,,gal of roorkee or someplace nearby stole it. Well,, it’s not her fault only,,actually I was too careless,,,I put my cell on charging & forgot to take it off,,,so I was in deep shock,,,to add more,,,I got to know that prepaid phones have been banned in Jammu seems like someone has casted spell of bad luck on me(don’t know what words to use here,,,I’m too bad with words). So now when I have managed to collect some money to buy the same handset,,,but of course secondhand,,,I’m a bit relieved,,so I’m here scribbling my “DUKH BHARI KAHANI” :( moreover mom won’t allow me to have a postpaid connection,,,she thinks I spend too much time on phone,,,,kya karein smaaj seva toh karni padti hai

(in the fond memory of my cell)
Hope I get permission to have a post paid connection,,,I’m demanding too much now. Anyways the good thing about the trip was,,,I got my long lost friendship back,,,yup it’s friendship not just friend & I’m too happy for that

And yeah,,,,I’m back to novels,,,now reading DIGITAL FORTRESS by DAN BROWN,,,,2 states,,,Kana & Abel,,,Anything for you Ma’m & Brida are in line,,,,,& these are books not e-books ;)

Presently I’m too messed up with college life,,,don’t know what I’m doing,,what’s happening around me,,,just know that I’m a
SUPER SENIOR now & it’s the last year,,,everything will be over soon,,,,,so I wanna live & enjoy these moments to fullest……………..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ugly truth!!

truth always triumphs
(I don’t know if I’m writing it correctly,,my grammar & spellings always suck)

Seems good,,,,but when applied has horrible effects,,,truth isn’t as beautiful as it seems to be,,,when disclosed it’s an ugly thing,,but whatever the case may be we have to accept this ugly truth.

It seems to be so confusing,,,but then,,disturbance is always clubbed with confusion. And my blog,,shows either my P.Q.(passion quotient,,,,as I’m very passionate about certain things & I make it a point to include them in my blog) or my D.Q. (disturbance quotient or depression quotient,,,,,when I’m too disturbed or depressed I just scribble everything here rather than discussing them with anyone ,,,sometimes share also,,,well it depends)

I don’t know why this word “Truth” struck in my mind & I was very particular about letting everyone know the truth and now when it’s out, it’s spoiling everything. Things are getting worse,,,too clumsy,,too horrible. Sometimes I think I should have never encouraged such an act. But then I was too fed up of this pretending game also. It’s, somehow, better to face the ugly truthful world by raising the curtains of beautiful lies, no matter how much pain & problems you have to deal with.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m prone to such things,,,why my life can’t be simple like that of others??

But then,,,it’s my life,,,how can it be simple,,,has to be exciting,,,no matter what that excitement costs………

P.S. :- sorry guys,,I’m writing after one month,,,had some problem with my pc actually,,so couldn’t check your blogs too

Monday, September 21, 2009


"………………so he found it just after she took her last breath. If only, he would have discovered it before,,,,things would have been different."

Sigh,,,,,,,, so what difference it would have made then??????????

Still wondering……………..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Two more awards ;)

So the award goes to me again…….

Thank God I got something to put in my blog,,,,,,,actually there are a million emotions that I wanna share but since I’m keeping hell busy because of my seminars,,minor project,,training report,,& blah blah blah,,,,,,,,,so these awards are something short & sweet that will keep me in touch with you people & of course with my blog

Oh yeah,,,,,,,it’s my second award on blogger & I guess don’t need to say much about it & the image is self explanatory

Well Hitashi gave me this award

So I’ll forward this award to

1) G

2) Vivek

3) Aradhana

4) Nivedita

5) Surbhit

6) Ujwal

7) Rahil

And The Rules are:

the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

Pass the award to other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.

Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I got one more award. This one from Sourav

And again I’ll forward it to the same people as I don’t follow many blogs. Sorry I don’t know if I have put the correct rules & stuff. Guys,,,,,,,help yourself & put the right one’s in your blog ;)

P.S. My gratitude to both Hitashi & Sourav,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and ofcourse to my all readers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep following my blog ok ;)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

sands of time!!!!!!!!!!

Well all thanks to god, who designed this marvelous brain,,,so much it thinks & so much it keeps,,,,,,but why can’t we erase certain things completely from it. I wish it had a DELETE button, which could erase everything without having a provision to restore that,,,but I guess whatever that supreme designer has designed,,,would have designed keeping something in his mind. But yeah,, there is a factor that called time that can’t delete completely but makes you to keep only a faint record of those terrible things that you wanna forget.

But,,,,,,,,,,,,,this “time”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sometimes it flies in a speck of time ,,,,,,,,,,,& sometimes it takes so long. In the former case,,,,,you wish it could last longer & in the latter you wish it to just fly away,,,,,,because of the pain that it gives you with every passing second. But time is time ,,,it will pass anyhow,,,,,leaving behind trails of some sweet memories & some faint scars of the wounds that it gave you………..

P.S. sorry guys if you thought it was related to sheldon's novel ;)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well, I’m here to answer this

Let me start from today only

I had my suppli exam today,,or in formal language supplementary exam ,,,,,,,,,these exams are like second birthday’s for me,,,,,,a night before exam & of course on exam morning my cellphone is just flooded with good luck messages,,,,,and to add more,,,,,,,,,there are calls from some caring friends,,,,,,,and there are again some too caring friends who come to college just to wish you in person. And once you manage to grab your cellphone back after 3hours of struggle with paper, pen, and your scientific calculator (which becomes an integral part of you once you enter an engineering college),,,,,,,,,,,guess what,,,,,,,,,,,,again it starts blinking & vibrating ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and then you keep on repeating the same lines for every person who calls you. But I’m happy with one birthday only so I don’t want any “SECOND BIRTHDAY from now onwards.

Hey,,,,,,,,,have I told you I’m no more a “NET ADDICT” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s true,,,,,,,,,I just use it 10 minutes a day or so

And yeah I’m doing a good thing these days (I think it’s good ,,,I don’t know what you’ll think),,,,,,,it’s EAT MORE-EAT HEALTHY-DRINK MORE WATER,,,,,,,that’s because I don’t wanna consult a doctor every now & then :P

During the holidays of past one & a half month,,,I have read about five novels, viz., The wedding, The monk who sold his Ferrari, The God of small things, Twilight, New moon, presently I’m reading third part of Twilight, Eclipse. I have also read a book viz., The secret, a reader of my blog suggested it and this book is more like what I actually believe in, no wonder why that reader suggested it.

The latest buzz is that I’m in love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh yeah,,,,,,,,,,,I’m in love with Edward Cullen of Twilight,,,,,,,, I have practically burned my eyes for him,,,,,,,,,I mean I keep reading continuously for hours,,,,actually my heart just can’t get enough of him,,,,,,,,,,,,however my brain keeps on telling that he won’t come out of the novel,,,,no matter with how much dedication or rather with how much longing I read it,,,,,,,,,,but this heart,,,,,(sigh),,,,,,,dil hai ki manta nhi,,,,,,,,,,,,,hey,,,,,,,,,,who says bollywood songs are senseless,,,,,,they fit like glove in some situations,,,,,,,,,,like this one :P

My seventh semester classes will start tomorrow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh God,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’m in final year of my college now,,,,,,the mere word supersenior sets butterflies in my stomach ,,,,,but I just can’t believe it’s gonna be over soon,,,,,,,,okay okay,,,,,,,before I start sobbing let me change the topic,,,,,,,,,,in this sem I won’t carry the problems of previous sem,,,,,,,,no no not related to studies,,,,,it’s regarding relations,,,,,,,,,,and that balancing problem that I’m carrying from first semester,,,,,,,,it’s nothing like one that Isabella Marie Swan had in twilight,,,,,but it’s much more complex than that,,,,it’s about maintaining a perfect balance between friends,,,,,,,,I feel so sick about it,,,,,you actually have to explain,,,,,,,,,,,,,WTF,,,,don’t want to go into dept so I’m gonna stop here only,,,,,,,,,,,,,and regarding studies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hey have you heard that proverb “kutte kid um kabhi seedhi nhi hoti”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :P

Well that’s all from me

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Try this also ;)

Sitting with friends in canteen,,,,,,,,,,,,,in dhabha,,,,,,,in any restaurant,,,,,,,,,,,,,in your friends place,,,,,,,,,,, in your own place,,,,,,,,,,,in your classroom,,,,,,,,,,,,or anywhere on this planet you might have discussed a lot about your big big dreams,,,,,,,,,about the expectations that your parents have,,,,,,,,,,,I mean a lot such stuff


Have you have thought about the million little things you once wanted to do,,,,,,,,,,,,a million little experiences you once wanted to have,,,,,,,and about million other such things that won't count in your success story

May be you have


When you are gonna do that million things,,,,,,these won’t be a part of some big achievement ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but these will just constitute a pack of million little smiles

Just dancing in rain,,,,,,,,,,,,,no matter where you are at the moment,,,,,,,,,,,in a crowded place,,,,,,,,,,outside you college,,,,,,,,,,,,,in the middle of road,,,,,,,,,anywhere

On a bike (in my case with a professional rider),,,,,,,,,on an unknown expedition ,,,,,,,,,but still cherishing every moment of it,,,,,,,,through mountains,,,,,,,,,,,,through plains,,,,,,,,,,,through beaches

On a walk along river side,,,,,,,,with a train of lovely thoughts in your mind,,,,,,,,,,,,too lost to observe people around you,,,,,,,,,,just enjoying your solitude

Singing loudly,,,,,,,,,,whenever feel the urge to do so,,,,,,,,,,walking on the footpath,,,,,,,,,,,in a bus,,,,,,,in busy market

A million other things,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

These are few things that maybe you wanna do but never did,,,,,,,,,,,what about,,,,,,,,,,,forgetting the society,,,,,,,,the people,,,,,,,,,,their thinking for sometime & have these lovely experiences??????????

P.S. :- ifyou don't wanna do any such thing,,,,,,,,,then you need not to freak out,,,,,,,,,,as these are few things that I wanna experience ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

one year of blogging!!!!!!!

(Birthday special post)

One year……………….

77 posts………………..


1100 hits (only in 5 months,,,,,,as I added that gadget only five months before)………..

530 profile visits.................

15 followers (who follow my blog publicly,,,,,,,,,,there are many more who follow privately)…………

Visitors not only from India but from abroad also ………….

Huh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I guess I have earned a lot in one year

Today is the birthday of my blog “PASSIONATE STUBBORN”

Exactly one year has passed since I'm addicted to this blogging stuff..

Ummmmmmm,,,,,,,,,well one year ago,,,,,,,I had a bit knowledge about blogging but I thought only celebs do that (what a moron I was!!),,,,,,,then one day I came across an article about blogging in “The times of India” . That was the time when we were like locked in our homes due to the agitation that was going on in Jammu regarding that Amaranth land row(I hope you guys still remember that?????),,,,,,,so I thought of cultivating new hobbies,,,,,,,,,,though few days before I had starting reading also,,,,,,,,,I mean novels & stuff (hey,,,,,that means that this time marks birthday of my reading hobby also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,31 books in one year,,,,,,,,including 26 novels,,,,,,,,,,,not bad,,,,& still there’s no end). Combined with the fact that writing has always been a passion for me, getting started with blogging wasn’t difficult. Initially,,,I wasn’t sure what I’m gonna write but then ideas just emerged & emerged so it wasn’t hard to carry on with this blogging stuff.

I never thought that anyone is ever gonna read my blog,,,,,so I just kept it as a secret,,,didn’t tell it to my friends,,,,,,,,,,,,then to my astonishment ,,,after few weeks of starting I got first comment on my blog & then first follower al,,,,,,,,,,,,,can’t tell u how great I felt then!!!

So then I decided to raise the curtains,,,,,,,,I told to my friends about my blog & put the link of my blog in my orkut profile.

My writing skills improved with time (still they suck but are a lot better) & ofcourse the quality of my posts. Many of my friends checked my blog & appreciated me & many made fun also ,,,,well,,,,,,,,,,that doesn’t matter,,,,I’m thankful to both the groups.

I didn’t realize when I became so obsessed with blogging that I started to put all my emotions & feelings in my blog rather to discuss them with others,,,,,,,,,,,and that actually helped a lot in healing many wounds.

Huh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,okay okay,,,now getting back to the lighter side,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in this one year this blog has given me so much

A very very good friend G,,,,,,,,,so many other friends who follow my blog,,,,,,,,comment on it,,,,,,,,,,guide me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,give sympathy,,,,,,,,,,,,,along with appreciation

It seems,,,,,,,,,it’s a different world here,,,,,,,,,,,with all those people who are more or less like you,,,,,,,,,,having some sort of same thinking & liking,,,,,,,,,,,,well it really feels great to open up here,,,,,,,,,,before the people who can understand you

Happy birthday P.S.(passionate stubborn)

I love you

P.S.:- this blog really means so much to me,,,,,,,,and it has been one year since I’m running this blog,,,,,,,,,,,I wanna hear from you guys,,,,,,,,,,,how this journey was like??????

Friday, August 14, 2009

just wondering how they change with time!!!!!!!!!

I was just wondering how the meanings of words & things change as we grow up.

I remember the times when I was little kid, the time when my mom used to make “chotti” or ponytail out of my hair as I didn’t know how to do it then, the mere thought of holidays used to bring a million dollar smile on my face. Then the word “holidays” meant no restrictions and I could just jump into the canal anytime ,,,,,,,splash & bath in the ice cold water ,,,,,,,,I could go to gather the black plum or the green mangoes without permission,,,,,,,I could run far in the fields to explore more,,,,,,,I could draw as many drawings as I wished,,,,,,,I didn’t had to sleep during the day time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I could watch TV in the morning hours also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I could actually fly as high as I my wings allowed

Now when I’m an adult,,,when I can make any hairstyle of my choice,,,,when I can cast a vote,,,,,,,,these holidays don’t seem to excite me much. Now they just mean some spare time to relax,,,,,,,,,to read the collection of e-novels & novels that you have gathered during a course of time,,,,,,,,,,to watch the collection of all the seasons of your all time favorite TV shows that you have got from someone,,,,to sleep more & more,,,,,,,,,,to really think about the lost essence of your life

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Snapshots of my life 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here comes the much awaited post of all times (I guess I have used same starting line for snapshots of my life 2 also). If you are new to my blog then let me tell you that this post comprises of excerpts from my diary. So here we go:


NC was telling his stuff. I like listening his stuff. I don’t like superficial people actually; I like people having dept, people who have some substance in them. I think I understood what he said; leaving few things though everything flew over PS’s head.

When I answered B sir that “fc” is layer specific, he said he didn’t say that “MUF” is not layer specific and to that I replied “Even I didn’t say so”, everyone started laughing, though I didn’t find it funny at all. Neha complemented that I’m very daring, now that was quite funny. I mean what’s daring in that, though that dignity issue with S ma’m was quite a daring move from me


I got to know who is “Sam” of SM today; she’s our junior, nice gal. well,,,,,,,,,what to say about SM, he falls in love with every third gal. While walking towards college gate, I had a talk with AMM, nice guy. I haven’t mentioned about him na? he was telling his stuff, his schemes with teachers & all that.


“Aaj jag mag hoya mandir ve………..” this bhajan is on in mata ka jagran at badi mamma’s place now. Soon I’ll be joining jagran just after writing my daily account.

SJ has given me the title “desh drohi”,,,,,man,,,,this guy,,don’t know what’s wrong with him?? NDK is also a bro to me, so what if I spend some time with him?? I told SJ that I don’t expect anything from others & I don’t want anyone to expect anything from me, to this he replied, “Keep these big big dialogues with you. I’m your bro, that’s it.” God, if you are my bro, then what’s NDK, an enemy??


Today, I sat with RS,EJ,SS,not because it was SS’s birthday but because I wanna check EA’s blog & for that I needed RS’s cell. Nice blog, I wish she had written more. Hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,bad manners to snoop into other’s matter but can’t help it I’m a gal after all.


We had mass bunk so we planned to go to picnic. SB, so sweet of her, she was going just because of me. But in the end, everyone changed their mind & only SB & I, were there, among gals. As I wouldn’t be good for us to go alone, so even we stepped out of matador. Just then I received call from dad & he told that he had received call from my college. I was like oh f***


LOL, today EJ & I, caught RM red handed. He was with his gf. Actually, it was his b’day. Poor RM but he’s quite a chuppa rustam.

I got my new cellphone, yippee


Friends are planning to go to SMVDU for a fest but I don’t want to go, though I have enrolled myself in fine arts. There are so many reasons for not going there but only one reason to go & that is SST.

BTW today I learnt to play bingo.


RSJ, new entry, he’s my junior, EA’s friend, quite helpful & caring guy, helped a lot in SMVDU. I made tattoo’s, it was fun though I didn’t got any prize :(

But M bhaiya, VP bhaiya, A bhaiya really cheered me

Z came back to his university, just because of me,,cho chweet of him


So depressing days of my life. I never thought my life can go this way. People ,whom I considered my friends, never understood me. Trust me, nothing can be more painful than this. I really can’t stop my tears. I have never felt so weak in my life. I am confessing that I am a real loser, two & a half years & no one has understood me. Was I too complex or was I too introvert????

As SM said, “If you have to explain everything then the friendship isn’t worth.”

Goddamn, no one thinks I was right. I was just supporting SST and………….

Did this hurt them so much????????????

May be,,,,,,,,,,but I apologized still………….


Today I sorted out my problem , now GS,SJ,BPS are my friends again but SM, I’m not gonna talk to him, never. He’s such a fraud.

When I sent message to SST, she was literally about to weep.PSR &NDK were also upset after receiving my message. Oh god,,,,,,,,,that was such a depressing moment.


I don’t think now things will be fine between PS & me but now I’m gonna be a good actor. Let’s see if I can change people around me.


SM called me, said sorry, now he’s again a friend. Let’s see how good he can be now? Even AM send few scraps & I told him that I wanna talk to him. Let’s see what I can do?

Hey, now I have 12 followers, 54 posts & so many comments on my blog.


I met G today for the first time,nice gal, I find my reflection in her.

After having returned, I called PS to tell about all this. Even SST wanted me to do so. SST, for the first time appeared to be so matured. Good, she’s changing.


Writing after 10 days!!!!!!!

These days were full of happenings for me. I was actively involved in ECCENTRONICS. I was introduced to my seniors, A sir, S sir, R sir, RS sir. Really worked hard with them to make it a success. But B ma’m spoiled everything. T ma’m wept before us. It was so hard to see her weeping. She’s indeed a very good person.


I lost my favorite coffee mug :(

It slipped from mom’s hand & broke into pieces.


Result of 5th semester is out & I got one supplie,Wept a lot, but in college canteen RSR, PSR & I, were celebrating our backlogs. Seniors were also celebrating their result. Though I pretended that I was happy but my eyes were moist all the time & only EA noticed this.


Again that trauma. This depression is not getting out of my head. I feel like quitting engineering now but I have to continue.


Seniors had their last day, so R sir & S sir were with us. We had a treat. It was fun. We offered them maggi for writing a testimonial for us.

I got a call from SST, she was telling me that people are saying that I have changed. She was saying that KM thinks that I have attitude. Oh god,,,,,,,,,I’m like so confused.


I received call fromPS’s number but SS was speaking. She said that she’ll come to my place for studying power. I was like so shocked when she told me she & PS were studying power already. I felt really bad. PS should have informed me that she wanna study with SS & not with me.

I was feeling low so I shared this with SB.


Exams over, yeah yippee!!!!!!!!

Today I came online after such a long time. I won the bet though I cheated a bit also,,,,,,so we went to pizza hut.


I was in kud for the past 14 days. Visited many places but I missed my mom & friends a great deal.

Received so many messages on the occasion of friendship day. Really its not less than a festival for we people.


Got myself registered for 7th semester & now I’m a super senior :P


P.S. :- so how was snooping in my life???????????

Monday, August 3, 2009

capturing the serenity !!!!

Well, who doesn’t want to spend some time in the lap of Mother Nature? When I got such a chance, I captured few beautiful views

P.S. :- These pics are of sanasar, patnitop, natha top, mantalai, sudhmahadev & kud


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