Monday, December 29, 2008

So called FRIENDS!!!

Best friends, close friends, fast friends, real friends, these friends, those friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all bullshit!!!

Yes, this is what I have learnt now. Hey just wait!! Don’t think that I don’t believe in friendship, I do believe in friendship & this relation still is the most important relation, for me at least. I rank this relation above all relations but the thing is that now I won’t give any tags to “FRIENDS”. Friend means friend only. One who really understands the meaning of friendship? I mean who is actually your friend & doesn’t put forward any terms & conditions. I was so astonished when I got to know that the people whom I thought were my friends actually think that friendship is a sort of give & take relationship & it is based on some terms & conditions,, is it??? And even if it is,, I think I have given too much but haven’t taken anything back except for some harsh words, as a reward for my good deeds. Well, this is only for the people who think that friends come at some terms & conditions but for those who really understands the meaning of friendship,, neither I have given them anything nor I haven’t taken anything back but of course, I have been there for them when they needed me the most & they have been there for me always. This is what I call friendship. For a person like me for whom nothing is more important than her pride & self esteem, it is very hard to control your anger when someone says something that is a direct attack on your pride but still you manage to control it as the person standing before you is none other than your so called friend,, for whom you have done so much,, & who is now returning everything in this form. But for how long you’ll take it quietly,, once the dormant volcano inside you will erupt & eventually everything will be turned into ashes. Really now everything around me is so jumbled that I don’t know what to do exactly. All I can say is that,, even if I’ll try to unravel the tangled strings of relations around me,, still I won’t be able to remove all the knots without breaking some strings. But since I am a person who believes in forgetting these bitter things,, I’ll try to brush up the speck of dust consisting of these kind of memories from the attire of sweet memories of my life.
You must be thinking that this girl always exaggerates things but nothing is exaggerated. All this I have learnt during a trip to Mata Vaishno Devi, the first time I went with my friends. As I always say that life is the greatest teacher & no one can teach you what life can, so here are few things that life taught me during this trip, in postulated form:
1) Friendship is not dependent on any terms & conditions
2) “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, I already knew this thing but again life taught me the same & my friend also learnt this.
3) Its your life, live it the way you want without caring what others will think.
4) A friend isn’t one who is with you always, but the one with whom your soul overlaps.
5) last but not the least, everything has a limit & we are human beings after all, not God.
The trip was fantastic. They say “All is well, if end is well”, here the end wasn’t well but still I managed to collect enormous sweet memories for the rest of my life.

picture of Mata ka Darbar shot from Bhairo Ghati

Are you thinking that I am too lost in all this & have given up reading? Nah!! I am still crazy about that. After “The Stars Shine Down”, I just have read two murder mysteries both by Agatha Christie viz., “A Caribbean Mystery” & “The Mysterious Affair at Styles”. Really, I am loving these murder mysteries. And, hey, you know what; the candidate whom I voted for won the elections by about 12000 votes. Isn’t it great?


sneha said...

hey sorie 4 commentng late ...
but here i m...aur yeh sab kya hai..chalo chodo u hd fun...dats gr8 nd moreovr u ll blessings nd dats wt counts da most..
so cheer up..hv fun
nd happy new year 2009

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

ya i'll try to forget all this but still a knot will remain there


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