Saturday, December 20, 2008

PERFECT!!!!!!! ISN'T IT?????????

Before you read this let me tell you, it is a total crap (like my other posts) & it may fly over your head. Read if you still want or leave it,,your wish.

As I always say, life is a roller coaster of emotions. I don’t know about others but for me it has always been a roller coaster of emotions. Now what’s so emotional about my life?? You must be thinking this,, right?? There are so many emotional things about my life & I am myself, a very emotional person. Emotional, not a cry baby. I am known to be a very jovial person & of course very bold, but I do have that emotional part in me. I ,too, get hurt over little things but the thing is that I control my emotions very well. I believe in forgetting so I forget these little things. Where I feel that I am being hurt, I just hold myself & tell myself, “Everything is gonna be fine, it’s not a big thing, you have faced tougher conditions”. I just don’t like sharing my emotional aspects with anyone,, just because I don’t think anyone else can understand what I am feeling like. Hey, don’t think I have very emotional things to share that can send shiver down your spine, just few things that I think I am not comfortable sharing with anyone. It’s easy to say, “I can understand what you are going through.” But do people actually understand? I too, sympathize my friends whenever things go against them. I, being a good listener, listen to their problems very calmly. To some extent I can make an approximation of their pain & sorrow but I do confess I can’t actually feel like what they are going through. In fact, it is hard for anyone to do so. Therefore, it’s better to keep these emotional things within oneself only. Moreover, it’s the matter of trust. You tell someone (say, your so called best friend) something very confidential & for telling which, you have gathered so much courage, what if that person doesn’t keep it as a secret? How will you feel then?? I mean, it may not be the fault of that person because the thing which seems to be so confidential to you may not be that important to that person. For him or her, it may be a crap. Well, it’s upto you only, whether you want to share your feelings with someone or you want to keep a few things confined to yourself only. I am not teaching you anything or telling you which path to follow. But as far as I am concerned, I keep few things (too emotional ones) confined to me only. Keeping this emotional aspect aside; I am like an open book. Whatever I do, what I like, what I dislike is known to everyone. Just because I don’t share the emotional aspects with anyone doesn’t mean I don’t have good friends around me. I think I have the best concoction of friends around me,,some very intelligent,,some very silly,,some very sensitive,,some very confused,,some very quite,,some very loud,,some very helping & all very loving. Perfect!!! Isn’t it??


sneha said...

hmm...i cn relate to of my views match wid urs..

i lso feel d same smtymes..!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

ya it's only sometimes not always


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