Sunday, December 7, 2008

B for "Busy"!!!!!!!!

You guys must be thinking, “Is the writer of this blog a moron or what???????
What’s she teaching us,, A,B,C…?????”
Well friends, I am not teaching you that. As I have mentioned in earlier posts that I,once, loved making assignments, even now I do love that, then reading novels is a passion for me, and writing has always been a passion for me, so I am always busy in these things but I don’t do these just because heck of them but I really I love being busy.

Yeah it’s true!! Mostly people complaint that they don’t get free time, sometimes even I do that but still I love being busy. I am not doing some job, I am a student but I find ways to keep myself busy. Leisure isn’t for me. I don’t get bored even if I am alone because I always have something to do, whether it is making assignments(of my own or friends), reading novels, talking to my friends on phone and solving their problems, writing my diary or blog, net surfing, making some crafts and lots more. They say private sector sucks your blood but let me see how much they can take out of me. How much they can keep me busy.

One of my very close friends always keeps on telling me “Vandana kitni velli hai tu?” Once she said, “Why you do others work?” She said when I always completing lab manuals of few classmates. And I replied, “Because I love being busy.” And I really meant that.

Being busy, also reminds me that I am busy in reading Sheldon’s novel “The stars shine down” that means stage second of mission Sheldon is on its way to completion.


sneha said...

vandana babes..aage se m gonna gve my wrk to u coz as u say u love beibg busy...!!!
hey dun start worrin coz m js kiddin..
evn my lst few daze hv reli been busy with so much of work load. nevertheless dats hw engineers r supposed to wrk

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

sneha jo,,,,,,,,,,,,i am always there to do any work you assign me,,,,,,,,,,,that's absolutely no worry for me,,,,,,,,,,and well said engineers are supposed to work

.... said...

hey ..
i've bin thinkin of commentin since a long time now ..
dont know why but i kinda like ur space.. seems somewhat like me .. n same town,same age group.. amazing !! keep up the good work .. good luck :)


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