Saturday, December 20, 2008


“Hazaroon kwahishein aisi ki har kwahish pe dum nikle, nikle bahut nikle mere armaan lekin phir bhi kam nikle”
Well said by Galib. A person has thousands of wishes & desires but not all of them get fulfilled. Likewise I have many wishes, so here’s the list of my wishes

1)Before I die, I wanna visit Harminder sahib (golden temple), Amritsar. I have a strong desire to go there. I just hope that soon I’ll go there.
2) I wanna spend few hours in the room where I was born at our home in Kashmir. Hope that that room will remain there as such till I visit it & of course our home also.
3) I wanna taste all that cuisines of the world that I have cherished on TV.
4) I wanna go on world tour & visit some of my favorite places that I have seen only on TV which includes Switzerland, Japan, UK, USA,etc. Hmmmmmmmmm quite big dreams!!
5) I wanna see the Seven Wonders of the World
6) I wanna go on a tour of India & visit all the historical monuments & other great places.
7) Before I die, I wanna attend the marriage ceremonies of all my friends so that they’ll have my photo in their marriage album & whenever they’ll see that they’ll remember me. This wish aroused in me when I got a sms from a friend of mine .
8) Before I’ll die, I wanna confess few things before few people.
9) I also wanna meet a friend of mine & spend some time together. Anyone reading this will say what’s the big deal about that, but actually it is.
10) I just wish by the time I die, I should have gifted my parents few things.
11) I have a strong desire to join politics because I wanna make few changes. So I just wish before I die I should be an MLA or MLC or MP or just a well known but a charismatic leader, all this but only after I have spend quite some time in doing my dream job.
12) By the time I die, I should have met with a terrible accident & should be in a very serious condition because I wanna see how much my friends & family love me. And of course I want that all my friends to come to see me with gifts & cards also.
13) I wanna open a very big school in collaboration with my friends & that’ll run according to my wish, of course.
14) I wanna spend few years of my life in Punjab or I can say in a typical pind of Punjab.
15) I wanna do few experiments before I die, but that’s a secret.
16) I wanna be a RJ but just for two or three months.
17) I wanna be a very famous author.
18) I really wanna do something for the street beggars. Probably I’ll make a small home for them.
19) I wanna adopt a child, preferably a girl & bring up her the way I wanted to live my life.
20) I wanna live alone in a place,, in complete solitude for about some 5-6 years.

Let’s see how many of my wishes come true.


sneha said...

ohh....bade log bade battein...!!
all ws fyn bt dat accident wale baat ws js ****.arre silly ur frnds love u ne vich way.
pyaar dikhane ki nhi jatane ke zarurat hte hai...wah wah kya dasu line mare maine..

p.s i havnt evn started rpn.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

no dear I knw my frndz love me it's just a fantasy!!!!!!!!

.... said...

heyyyy... i can fulfill ur 1st wish for sure, anytime... so when do we leave ??


nice ones... i wish to do many of those too..

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

miss .... i m ready ,,,u tell,,,,,,,,,we'll leave soon,,,,,,,,as i told u earlier we have many similarities!!!!!!!!

.... said...

u bet ... hell lot of similarities.. i can feel... you know, divine intervention ;)

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

ya I too can feel that,,,,,,,,u can add me in orkut if u want,,,,,,will get to knw more abt each other

suraj said...

nice thoughts.. may be i shud strat writin ma own blog on this site nice blog and nice thoughts

Eksha said...

hey..i know itz too late..but i hv just started reading ur
surfed all ur blogs...found it read it all...
12,14 n 19 onez r applicable to me 2...especially 12th one...hehe..
newayz...nice dreamz n desires..
keep dreaming dear... dreamz do come true...take care...

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

Eksha dear
doesnt matter hw late u started reading my blog
wat matters is that u r at least reading it

abt 19 i knew bt 14 & 12
bt its gud to knw that someone is like me :P


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