Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mission Sheldon!!!!!!!!!

As I have mentioned in earlier posts also, reading is my latest passion. From the month of august (this year) till now, I have read eight books. Thanks to that agitation that was going in Jammu & Arindam Chaudhuri (because of whom I incorporated the habit of reading in me). His book “Count your chickens before they hatch” was really very motivating & it motivated me to read novels. Now I can’t imagine my life without novels, I am so addicted to them.

Three months before, if you would have asked me about Sidney Sheldon, I would have no answer but now after reading just one of his novel, I have become such a huge fan of him that I can tell you his full biography. I have read Sheldon’s last novel “Are you afraid of the dark?” Sheldon was such a great author. I wish he was alive so that he would have written more novels.

“Are you afraid of the dark?” is a fantastic novel. A murder mystery actually. I never thought I would like murder mysteries but this novel changed my thinking. Four cities, four murders, one common link. It is great, I tell you. Kelly, a character of this novel, was a bit like Mariam of Khaled Hosseni’s second novel “A thousand Splendid Suns” (again one of my favorite novel). Diane was also good. I actually liked all the characters except the negative ones and I guess they are included just because they are meant to be hated by all. A great novel.

Why Sheldon died in 2007? A year before I started reading, but thank God, still he managed to write 18 novels , so I have 17 more novels to read. Soon I’ll start reading the next one. Stage 1 of “Mission Sheldon” completed, still 17 stages left. Let’s see when I’ll complete my mission.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

GROWING NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once a friend of mine called me (you must be thinking what’s the big deal about that, everyone receives calls from friends, sounding a bit like Chetan’s novel, but just let me proceed). He needed some help regarding assignments & since I live in a-sort-of-rural area which is a bit far away from his place so it wasn’t possible for him to collect that assignment from me. I suggested him to collect that from another classmate who was done with his assignments. I even offered him that if he wants I can give him his number (well that’s me, until I solve my friends’ problems, I don’t feel relaxed). He was astonished that I had the number of that classmate. After that we had a long conversation regarding my expanding friend circle. It was after that conversation, I thought about the pros & cons of my expanding friend circle or in my friend’s language my “GROWING NETWORK”.

I am a very friendly person, that’s what I think of myself (being a self obsessed person, I always have something good to talk about myself). Well how friendly I am, you better ask this to my friends. I want that who so ever comes in my life, should remember me for rest of his or her life so as far as possible I help others so that they’ll remember me. I have mentioned this in an earlier post also. I feel extremely happy when any friend of mine shares his or her problems with me & I feel even happier if I can be of any help to him or her. I want all of my classmates to be my friend & almost all my classmates are actually friends of mine. So that’s a big achievement for me. I have succeeded in my mission. But after having succeeded in my mission, I realized that it’s not that easy to be friends with everyone. It has its own negative side. Everyone demands time from you but you don’t have enough time. While giving time to others, you forgot to spend time with your close friends who then complain about that. It really hurts when any of your close friend says, “When you are in company of others you completely forget us.” And only after this very genuine statement you realize that it’s not easy to be friends with everyone & same happened with me. After realizing this, I started to spend more time with my close friends so that they realize what they mean to me. They are more special to me.

Now I am trying to keep the service of my growing network good so that no subscriber has complaints.


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