Saturday, October 18, 2008


“Yippee”. Well I love this word since the time I heard it from my cute little nephew (he often uses this word). Okay, I also have a reason to say it & be excited as I have read all three novels of Chetan Bhagat. Isn’t it great? I know it is not that great, you guys must me laughing & thinking what is so exciting about it? But I feel like I have done Ph.D. on Chetan Bhagat’s novels.

“Vandana & books miles apart” this is something that I had written in my orkut profile about books some time back. At that time I had never thought that I would go crazy about novels like this.

Coming back to Chetan’s novels, my favorite is “Five Point Someone”. It’s something related to engineering students so it’s easy to relate with its characters. The problems they face are same as ours, low grades, so many assignments, tension about placements & future, of course. As I have said earlier “Ryan”, a character of that novel is me. A totally fundo guy, not worried about his low grades, give importance to friends more than family, have ample time for his passions, a spend thrift, always working on new plans just like me. I don’t hate my parents like him & neither do I drink or smoke & I am a girl but still a replica of Ryan.

“One night @ the call center” is also good but not as good as FPS. The best thing about that novel is that it tells you that you should listen to your inner voice & do what it says. Characters of that novel are people working in a call center & living in a metro having a modern lifestyle (indeed very modern), facing some problems in life, so except for a few things, I couldn’t relate to the characters. But still it’s better to read the novel than to watch “Hello” (movie based on that novel).

“Three mistakes of my life” is also good but again not good as FPS. Gujarati people, cricket, religion, politics & business that’s what this novel is all about. Well, their lifestyles are bit similar to ours, so you can identify yourself with some characters. “If you have a dream then just follow it from full heart & it’ll definitely take you somewhere”, I learned this from this novel. But it actually doesn’t have this central idea. You have to take some risks in life if you have to achieve something & you should do that because until you make a mistake you can’t learn how to rise high. That’s what the novel teaches.

Chetan your creations are incredible & you really rock man!!!!!!!!!


sneha said...

chetan bhagat rocks big tyme doubts abt this fact...well vandana nd i hv completed three of his books together and now the both of us r eagerly waitin 4 his nxt....lik vandana evn i fav is 5 point someone, it ws d first chetan bhagat book i read so somehow it holds a special place in my heart..nd i find it bttr than the other two...those hu hv read all the 3 books wud notice some similarities btween them like chetan always write abt group of of who is always supercool nd one definitetly a loser and offcourse d end showing d victory of gud over anyhow v all absoultly love chetan nd his books.

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

well said sneha,,,,,,,,,,i always feel that i & the looser in Chetan's novels hv smthing common,,,,,,,,he he he

sneha said...

actually d loser is generally d dat readers can relate and symphathise with him...evn i fel d same....he he


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