Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reading Bug!!!!!!!!!

Reading has become my new passion. Well I keep on developing new passions every two or three months. They say books are your best friend but I never found them as my best friends. I mean they don’t listen to your problems; on the contrary you listen to them, I mean you read them. Until I was in school, I have to be friends or I can say close friends with my subjective books. A friendship which was partly forced & partly necessary because then I had a strong urge to top. Now when I am in third year of my college, I still have some kind of friendship with my subjective books just because I have to clear all the subjects (now the urge to top has completely vanished). They say when you are doing professional course (especially engineering); you don’t have time for your passions. But I have ample time for them. Gizmos, gadgets, writing & now reading, I have time for all of them but not for my studies.

Reading was never a passion for me. I do read newspaper, magazines but that’s not passion, I guess. I mean everyone does that. It’s only during the past few months I found books interesting (not my subjective books, they still are a forced friend). The first book I read was “Count your chickens before they hatch”, by Arindam Chaudhuri. A management book, still I find it very interesting. I am not going to give a complete book review to bore you. Second was second novel of Chetan Bhagat “One night at the call center”. I like that also. Indian authors, I love them because it’s easy to understand them & their thinking. After reading that I felt a strong urge to watch “Hello”; so maybe I’ll watch that as soon as it releases. Third book I read is Chetan’s first novel “Five point someone”. Now that was my story. “Ryan”, a character of that novel is me. A totally fundo guy, not worried about his low grades, give importance to friends more than family, have ample time for his passions, a spend thrift, always working on new plans just like me. I don’t hate my parents like him & neither do I drink or smoke & I am a girl but still a replica of Ryan. FSB is a great book, I tell you. You guys must be laughing at me. People of my age have read this book when they were in 10th standard & I finished it now, when I am in third year. So guys, you really have a point to laugh. But it’s not my fault; I was bitten by reading bug only few months back. Soon I’ll be reading Chetan’s third novel “Three mistakes of my life”. Yes, I like Chetan’s novel a lot (as I have read his novels only).

I have gone crazy about novels. When a friend of mine was telling the meaning of her name to a professor, I took it as the title of a novel & even asked her to lend that novel to me for reading. God, I am mad, totally mad.


sneha said...

i thnk reading is one of d coolest thng for vich i hv a gr8 aptitude..thankfully...reading takes me to a new world nd d characters in d book . i love to imagine d story simultaneously in ma mind..m happy that u share this love 4 reading coz its gets so much cooler wen u hv smone to discuss and share thngs with...
lets carry on!!!!

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

well said sneha jo,,,,,,,,,since the time reading became a passion fr me,,,,,,it has changed many things in my life,,,,,,,,,,& of course i'll carry on with it


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