Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mixed vegetables!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t get confused by the title of this post. This post will not teach you how to cook mixed vegetables. There are about dozens of cookery shows on every channel that will teach you that & surely much better than what I can teach you (cooking is alien to me). This post isn’t about some particular topic. It’s a mixture. That’s why I have given it the name mixed vegetables.


Increasing T.R.P.’s of some students is a much discussed topic in our class these days. Okay, again, don’t get confused. You must be thinking what T.R.P. has to do with students?? It is related to television. Well, yes you are absolutely right T.R.P. means Television Rating Point but we have given a new definition to T.R.P. It’s Teacher’s Rating Point. But hey, it’s not something related to getting into good books of teachers & becoming teacher’s pet. It’s about being pointed by teachers when you are busy in talking or laughing or non serious behavior in class or doing something that you shouldn’t be doing in class. The more you are pointed out by different teachers, the more is your T.R.P. I have good T.R.P. for one teacher but for other teachers it’s still low. So my wishes to all of my friends to get higher & higher T.R.P.’s. Friends keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My friends are not a bore at all (as I said in earlier post). Apart from shopping & gossiping, they are interested in novels also. They didn’t share this with me so I was ignorant about this. But as I told them about my latest passion, reading again became everyone’s favorite hobby. And hey, guess what?? They are reading my blog also. Good going gals!!! (don’t think I have only gals as my friends, guys are also my friend but they are surely not interesting in reading, I bet you).And of course my reading fever still isn’t down; I have read one more novel & presently I am reading “A thousand splendid suns”. After completing this I’ll read Chetan’s third novel. Then I’ll read some of Sidney Sheldon’s novels. Seems this fever won’t be over soon. Well, that’s me. Until I really get bored with something, I don’t give it up.


What a crap????????? I had great expectations from this movie after I read “One night @ the call center” but this movie really disappointed me. Many things of the novel were not included in the movie & much crap was included in it which had nothing to do with the novel. Since I didn’t watch it in a theatre so disappointment was a bit less. Thanks to piracy, I managed to get a DVD of “Hello” & watch that at home, hence saved my money & they say piracy is a bad thing. Is piracy a bad thing???????? Hmmmmmmmmmm…….well let’s not get into that debate, “Hello” is a crap, that’s it.


prerna said...

okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that's the buzzword nowadays.It seems boys r more interested in raising their T.R.P's than gals.hoping that everyone shows their endeavour to earn highest T.R.P's n making our classes lil interesting.............

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

well prerna u r right,,,,,,,,,but our class is already very interesting with so many different species of organisms,,,,,,,neways this TRP funda has added to our masti stuff


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