Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bond between siblings!!!!!!!!!!!

“Stop crying, Vandana, he won’t come back. Tears only cause eyes to swell & headache.”
It’s only after hearing these words I realized that I was actually weeping. I hardly weep & I don’t weep unless & until there is something really very serious. Then why I was weeping????? Well, I was weeping as I have been to my friend’s home for condolence whose elder brother (his only brother) met with a tragic road accident & died on the spot. I haven’t seen his brother but the way my friend told me how much his brother meant to him & how much he loved his brother, really caused tears to roll down my cheeks.

Really the bond between siblings is something beyond any definition. It’s not purely friendship & not purely enmity. It’s a perfect concoction of friendship & enmity. I guess everyone loves to share the moments of joys & sorrows with his or her siblings & at the same time ready to fight with them in case they tease or start arguing. Tiffs & fights are something that adds spice to this relationship & of course everyone has his or her own reason to start fight with his or her siblings. This post becoming so sort of essay so let me just tell you about my relationship with my siblings (that won’t make much difference; still it’ll be crap to you).

I have two sisters, one elder to me by some one year & seven months & other younger to me by some five years & one month. No brother. We three sisters are three different personalities with one similarity-our big big eyes. People say that elder siblings are much matured beings but I have a different opinion. Well, if I talk of my elder sis, no doubt, she is one of the most beautiful people I know(I never told this to her as I know if I’ll tell her this she’ll be flying in air then & I want her to remain her on this earth) but she is nuts. She keeps on talking non sense all the time till she’s with me & to add more she’s a chatter box. She keeps on telling me about her friends, her teachers & more crap. I do get incredibly bored by her crap (as you get bored by my crap, I mean my blog) but still she continues & I hardly listen. It’s a habit that she can’t change. She can’t do anything without previously taking suggestions from me. She keeps on saying, “Bandu, please tell na should I do this??”, “Bandu, please tell na should I do that?” God, she behaves as if I am elder to her. And if we start fighting then you never know how serious it would turn out to be. I still have a scar on my left ankle which was formed when she attacked me with a knife. Well, we were very small then. One of her bad habit, which initiates fight between us, is that she always interferes in my matters. I never interfere in her matters, it hardly matters to me what is happening in her life but I don’t know when she’ll grow up & stop interfering in my matters.

The equation between me & my younger sis is quite different. At home she is a mischievous devil but when she steps out of home, she turns out to be the most sweetest & innocent angel. She keeps on troubling me all the time & sometimes gets slaps from me for that but she’s my sweet little doll & I love her a lot. I wanna her to enjoy her life to the fullest & live like a princess. I & choti are one team & together we tease our elder sis a lot. We keep on praying all the time that our elder sis should get married as soon as possible so that we can enjoy even more.

Well, it absolutely doesn’t matter how much we fight or argue we love each other a lot. I want both of them with me forever (well I know it isn’t possible as they’ll be getting married sooner or later). But of course, I pray for all the siblings of the world that they should never get separated like my friend lost his brother. God are you listening this??????????

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