Friday, October 24, 2008

"A" for ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whenever someone asks “A for”, the first A-word that clicks my mind is “ASSIGNMENTS”. I do remember that in nursery we were taught that “A is for Apple” but after I got admission in engineering college, the only A-word I remember is assignments. We, poor future engineers of India, are dumped under the heap of assignments. As soon as we enter a new semester, the history repeats.

Initially I enjoyed making assignments. I remember the time when we had to make assemblies in assignments in Machine Drawing. It was my favorite subject as it involves lots of imagination & creativity. Well that’s my take, for everyone else this subject was a headache. Once I made an assignment for almost whole of the class. It was an assembly of pedestal bearing, if I remember correctly. I really enjoyed that but our teacher got to know that its only one person who had made almost all the assignments & for that I got lots of scolding as reward. And after that whenever I went to get my assignment checked, our teacher would tell other students, “If you don’t want to make your assignments then just give them to Vandana. She’s free enough to make them”. Quite a sarcastic comment.

In other subjects also I tried my level best to make assignments first of all & best of all. I didn’t realized that when it became an obsession for me. I put all my talent of writing beautifully in making them the best & of course, I searched so many books so that the content of my assignments is also best. Then I used to decorate them with pink, blue, green, silver, golden, almost every possible colored sparkle pens, then covering the assignment files with white, black, yellow covers, labeling them & then again covering them with plastic sheets. Guys say that only gals can do this & so sometimes I have to do this for my friends also. Precisely, I can say I gave all my blood to make my assignments best of all & of course half of my pocket money also. Sometimes I am so lost in making assignments & even I get the weird dreams of assignments. Even now I try to make my assignments best of all but not first of all because now I have many more interesting things to do. After my assignments are made, they are ready for their journey to get photo stated again & again. Almost every student has a copy of it. Being a technocrat, I sometimes scan my assignments & mail it to my friends, who remember at the last hour that they have to make assignments.

These assignments really suck. No doubt, why Chetan Bhagat has mentioned about assignments in “Five point someone”. No engineer can deny that assignments suck.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


“Yippee”. Well I love this word since the time I heard it from my cute little nephew (he often uses this word). Okay, I also have a reason to say it & be excited as I have read all three novels of Chetan Bhagat. Isn’t it great? I know it is not that great, you guys must me laughing & thinking what is so exciting about it? But I feel like I have done Ph.D. on Chetan Bhagat’s novels.

“Vandana & books miles apart” this is something that I had written in my orkut profile about books some time back. At that time I had never thought that I would go crazy about novels like this.

Coming back to Chetan’s novels, my favorite is “Five Point Someone”. It’s something related to engineering students so it’s easy to relate with its characters. The problems they face are same as ours, low grades, so many assignments, tension about placements & future, of course. As I have said earlier “Ryan”, a character of that novel is me. A totally fundo guy, not worried about his low grades, give importance to friends more than family, have ample time for his passions, a spend thrift, always working on new plans just like me. I don’t hate my parents like him & neither do I drink or smoke & I am a girl but still a replica of Ryan.

“One night @ the call center” is also good but not as good as FPS. The best thing about that novel is that it tells you that you should listen to your inner voice & do what it says. Characters of that novel are people working in a call center & living in a metro having a modern lifestyle (indeed very modern), facing some problems in life, so except for a few things, I couldn’t relate to the characters. But still it’s better to read the novel than to watch “Hello” (movie based on that novel).

“Three mistakes of my life” is also good but again not good as FPS. Gujarati people, cricket, religion, politics & business that’s what this novel is all about. Well, their lifestyles are bit similar to ours, so you can identify yourself with some characters. “If you have a dream then just follow it from full heart & it’ll definitely take you somewhere”, I learned this from this novel. But it actually doesn’t have this central idea. You have to take some risks in life if you have to achieve something & you should do that because until you make a mistake you can’t learn how to rise high. That’s what the novel teaches.

Chetan your creations are incredible & you really rock man!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mixed vegetables!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t get confused by the title of this post. This post will not teach you how to cook mixed vegetables. There are about dozens of cookery shows on every channel that will teach you that & surely much better than what I can teach you (cooking is alien to me). This post isn’t about some particular topic. It’s a mixture. That’s why I have given it the name mixed vegetables.


Increasing T.R.P.’s of some students is a much discussed topic in our class these days. Okay, again, don’t get confused. You must be thinking what T.R.P. has to do with students?? It is related to television. Well, yes you are absolutely right T.R.P. means Television Rating Point but we have given a new definition to T.R.P. It’s Teacher’s Rating Point. But hey, it’s not something related to getting into good books of teachers & becoming teacher’s pet. It’s about being pointed by teachers when you are busy in talking or laughing or non serious behavior in class or doing something that you shouldn’t be doing in class. The more you are pointed out by different teachers, the more is your T.R.P. I have good T.R.P. for one teacher but for other teachers it’s still low. So my wishes to all of my friends to get higher & higher T.R.P.’s. Friends keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My friends are not a bore at all (as I said in earlier post). Apart from shopping & gossiping, they are interested in novels also. They didn’t share this with me so I was ignorant about this. But as I told them about my latest passion, reading again became everyone’s favorite hobby. And hey, guess what?? They are reading my blog also. Good going gals!!! (don’t think I have only gals as my friends, guys are also my friend but they are surely not interesting in reading, I bet you).And of course my reading fever still isn’t down; I have read one more novel & presently I am reading “A thousand splendid suns”. After completing this I’ll read Chetan’s third novel. Then I’ll read some of Sidney Sheldon’s novels. Seems this fever won’t be over soon. Well, that’s me. Until I really get bored with something, I don’t give it up.


What a crap????????? I had great expectations from this movie after I read “One night @ the call center” but this movie really disappointed me. Many things of the novel were not included in the movie & much crap was included in it which had nothing to do with the novel. Since I didn’t watch it in a theatre so disappointment was a bit less. Thanks to piracy, I managed to get a DVD of “Hello” & watch that at home, hence saved my money & they say piracy is a bad thing. Is piracy a bad thing???????? Hmmmmmmmmmm…….well let’s not get into that debate, “Hello” is a crap, that’s it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bond between siblings!!!!!!!!!!!

“Stop crying, Vandana, he won’t come back. Tears only cause eyes to swell & headache.”
It’s only after hearing these words I realized that I was actually weeping. I hardly weep & I don’t weep unless & until there is something really very serious. Then why I was weeping????? Well, I was weeping as I have been to my friend’s home for condolence whose elder brother (his only brother) met with a tragic road accident & died on the spot. I haven’t seen his brother but the way my friend told me how much his brother meant to him & how much he loved his brother, really caused tears to roll down my cheeks.

Really the bond between siblings is something beyond any definition. It’s not purely friendship & not purely enmity. It’s a perfect concoction of friendship & enmity. I guess everyone loves to share the moments of joys & sorrows with his or her siblings & at the same time ready to fight with them in case they tease or start arguing. Tiffs & fights are something that adds spice to this relationship & of course everyone has his or her own reason to start fight with his or her siblings. This post becoming so sort of essay so let me just tell you about my relationship with my siblings (that won’t make much difference; still it’ll be crap to you).

I have two sisters, one elder to me by some one year & seven months & other younger to me by some five years & one month. No brother. We three sisters are three different personalities with one similarity-our big big eyes. People say that elder siblings are much matured beings but I have a different opinion. Well, if I talk of my elder sis, no doubt, she is one of the most beautiful people I know(I never told this to her as I know if I’ll tell her this she’ll be flying in air then & I want her to remain her on this earth) but she is nuts. She keeps on talking non sense all the time till she’s with me & to add more she’s a chatter box. She keeps on telling me about her friends, her teachers & more crap. I do get incredibly bored by her crap (as you get bored by my crap, I mean my blog) but still she continues & I hardly listen. It’s a habit that she can’t change. She can’t do anything without previously taking suggestions from me. She keeps on saying, “Bandu, please tell na should I do this??”, “Bandu, please tell na should I do that?” God, she behaves as if I am elder to her. And if we start fighting then you never know how serious it would turn out to be. I still have a scar on my left ankle which was formed when she attacked me with a knife. Well, we were very small then. One of her bad habit, which initiates fight between us, is that she always interferes in my matters. I never interfere in her matters, it hardly matters to me what is happening in her life but I don’t know when she’ll grow up & stop interfering in my matters.

The equation between me & my younger sis is quite different. At home she is a mischievous devil but when she steps out of home, she turns out to be the most sweetest & innocent angel. She keeps on troubling me all the time & sometimes gets slaps from me for that but she’s my sweet little doll & I love her a lot. I wanna her to enjoy her life to the fullest & live like a princess. I & choti are one team & together we tease our elder sis a lot. We keep on praying all the time that our elder sis should get married as soon as possible so that we can enjoy even more.

Well, it absolutely doesn’t matter how much we fight or argue we love each other a lot. I want both of them with me forever (well I know it isn’t possible as they’ll be getting married sooner or later). But of course, I pray for all the siblings of the world that they should never get separated like my friend lost his brother. God are you listening this??????????

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reading Bug!!!!!!!!!

Reading has become my new passion. Well I keep on developing new passions every two or three months. They say books are your best friend but I never found them as my best friends. I mean they don’t listen to your problems; on the contrary you listen to them, I mean you read them. Until I was in school, I have to be friends or I can say close friends with my subjective books. A friendship which was partly forced & partly necessary because then I had a strong urge to top. Now when I am in third year of my college, I still have some kind of friendship with my subjective books just because I have to clear all the subjects (now the urge to top has completely vanished). They say when you are doing professional course (especially engineering); you don’t have time for your passions. But I have ample time for them. Gizmos, gadgets, writing & now reading, I have time for all of them but not for my studies.

Reading was never a passion for me. I do read newspaper, magazines but that’s not passion, I guess. I mean everyone does that. It’s only during the past few months I found books interesting (not my subjective books, they still are a forced friend). The first book I read was “Count your chickens before they hatch”, by Arindam Chaudhuri. A management book, still I find it very interesting. I am not going to give a complete book review to bore you. Second was second novel of Chetan Bhagat “One night at the call center”. I like that also. Indian authors, I love them because it’s easy to understand them & their thinking. After reading that I felt a strong urge to watch “Hello”; so maybe I’ll watch that as soon as it releases. Third book I read is Chetan’s first novel “Five point someone”. Now that was my story. “Ryan”, a character of that novel is me. A totally fundo guy, not worried about his low grades, give importance to friends more than family, have ample time for his passions, a spend thrift, always working on new plans just like me. I don’t hate my parents like him & neither do I drink or smoke & I am a girl but still a replica of Ryan. FSB is a great book, I tell you. You guys must be laughing at me. People of my age have read this book when they were in 10th standard & I finished it now, when I am in third year. So guys, you really have a point to laugh. But it’s not my fault; I was bitten by reading bug only few months back. Soon I’ll be reading Chetan’s third novel “Three mistakes of my life”. Yes, I like Chetan’s novel a lot (as I have read his novels only).

I have gone crazy about novels. When a friend of mine was telling the meaning of her name to a professor, I took it as the title of a novel & even asked her to lend that novel to me for reading. God, I am mad, totally mad.


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