Friday, September 26, 2008

The TV shows saga!!!!!


Rodies, a very popular show among the youth, is my all time favorite. I have been watching this show from finale of 3rd season. Unfortunately I missed the first two seasons completely. Unfortunate because both Rannvijay & Ayushmann are my favorite VJ’s & I couldn’t see their journey to success. This reality show unlike other reality shows has a very unique concept. I know I am sounding a bit technical so coming back to the lighter side, this shows is all about the daredevils. I just love the daring tasks that they perform. I once ask my mom to take a break from that sick saas bahu serials & watch Rodies but on that day Rodies were made to eat that horrible cuisine, I think it was in Malaysia, if I remember correctly (it was season 5). So my mom really didn’t like it. But I didn’t feel yuk about watching people eating frogs & snakes, instead I enjoyed watching it. And after that whenever I am watching Rodies & someone comes & ask me what are you watching? Then before I would answer, my mom would at once tell that it is Rodies in which people are made to eat frogs & snakes. Well I think I need to give my mom a better description of the show. I don’t wanna be a Rodie but still like the show a lot. So I am waiting eagerly for the 6th season to come.


Hopping to my next favorite show, FRIENDS, I have mentioned about this show in previous post also so I won’t discuss it. I just love all the characters of the show but my favorite are Joe & Phoebe. I just hope we’ll be able to see its next season soon. Well I really don’t understand that hard core drama & emotions of other shows so this is the only show of star world that I like.


Next is Shin Chan. Any Shin Chan fan out there? This is my favorite cartoon. When I was a kid, I had only cartoons in the list of my favorite shows but now it’s just Shin Chan. I was introduced to this show by my sweet & cute nephew. I got to know from my cousin sis that even when everyone is sleeping, my nephew would keep waking till 11pm to watch Shin Chan, that too at the age to two years. I was like what’s so special about this, let me also watch that. I didn’t realized & even none in my family realized that when all of us became a Shin Chan fanatic. We just can’t get enough of Shin Chan.


Well yes I am a Disney channel fanatic. All the shows of this channel are too good. I love Life with Derek, Hannah Montana, The suite life of Zack & Cody, wizards of Waverly place, etc. That “Best of both worlds” by Hannah truly rocks. I have been trying for so long to learn the lyrics but still I haven’t succeeded.


Apart from this I love to watch cookery shows, not because I love cooking (I can hardly cook anything except plans), but because I truly relish the dishes that are shown. Among such shows Indian Food Made Easy by Anjum Anand is my favorite.


No one can copy better than Indians do. Whether it is copy of “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” or “Big Brother”, Indians are perfect copy cat. Panchvi pass I didn’t find that good but Bigg Boss is good.
There isn’t anything to be discussed about those sick saas bahu serials because I hardly watch any of them except for those which are favorite of my mom & granny. These serials really make me to go WTF! I mean who wears those sarees & jewellery weighing quintals at home & to add more, these incredibly boring & torturing serials never end. C’mon you directors make something that is closer to reality. Be practical.
I just wanna voice my opinion (I know it hardly counts) so I posted this.


Anil Sharma @ said...

Pare Pona sis
I never heard the name of the show because I don’t tune on channels other than news channel but according to your description it must be like KHATRON KE KHILADHI of Akshay Kumar on COLORS channel.
So enjoy watching, it gives us inspiration to do anything which look like impossible
Take care__________________________________good bye

Anil Sharma @ said...

Copying is also an art, those who say that they don’t copy they just don’t know that art.
I just don’t like TV serials in which every thing is creative nothing is real. So I don’t want to live world of dreams like saas bahu serials in which every thing is dream for middle class man
Take care and avoid them as much as you can try to live in real world
Good bye

passionate stubborn said...

for anil: i didnt watched Katkon ke khilahi much, though i did find it interesting . i dont like saas bahu serials as i hv mentioned. plz do keep commenting


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