Tuesday, September 9, 2008

me, my friends, my blog!!!!!

FRIENDS, one of my all time favorite shows, really made me to fantasize my life like that after few years of leaving college. Of course not exactly like that as there are many things in the show that I really don’t want to happen with my friends. But ya I do like the way, all six friends enjoy their life. I do admit that we are not like them, we are Indians & can’t be like them but I do want my friends to be with me even after we leave college & they all get married. If you are thinking why “they”? Why not “we”? Then let me tell you that I am not gonna get married, I have mentioned this in my first post also (just to remind you). Well why not? Just because I wanna see how difficult the life can be & also because I don’t want anyone to interfere in my life. I wanna live the way I want to. I wanna take all the decisions of the life by myself so I don’t have anyone to blame for any problem in my life & I don’t want anyone to take credit of any of my achievement. It should be “ME” & only “ME” who should be responsible for anything happening in my life, whether good or bad. Huh………. It seems to be very tough journey ahead but still there’s a long time to go.
Ok coming back to friends, even after all my friends get busy in their lives, I want that all of us should have a contact & should keep meeting, if not in a coffee shop (as Joe, phoebe, Ross & others do in FRIENDS), then in some other good place. It would be great if we all have such a life after 5-6 years of leaving the college & it would be even much better if our friendship continues like that till death.
In college we all have done many good & silly things that none can forget & we are still doing all that silly & good stuff. Apart from the things we have done in college, there’s only one interesting thing that we have done & that is wandering in city. Well yup, this is the interesting thing that I have done besides what I have done in college. After mass bunks or even when college is off, we are off to city. Just a call from my dearest pals & I am out with them. Well you must be thinking what’s interesting about that, everyone does that. Ya I do agree, but keeping the fact in mind that we all friends are absolute nerd & have nothing interesting to do so this is the only interesting stuff that we can think of. Eating & shopping the two things we are obsessed with. Unlike others of our age, who are very much interested in very creative work, we are complacent with all what we do & whatever we do is a total wastage of time but we enjoy this.
I can hardly name any friend of mine who has some interesting hobby, at least none among girls. Guys do play sports whenever they get time, but girls can hardly think of anything except gossiping. When I was introduced to blogging (of course not by any of friend but by newspaper), I told my friends about that & even mentioned it in my orkut profile but no one really cared. They are such a bore. Bore not in the sense that I get bored with them, I do enjoy with them but they don’t have anything interesting to do expect doing masti together. I admit that I am no exception to that. I read in graffiti column in Times of India that “a bore is a guy having different hobby than yours”, I guess it’s absolutely right, at least in my context. I know some people don’t find blogging interesting (especially my friends) but they should have at least read my blog once & post their comments. Just to give me another reason to blog. But anyways I’ll keep on blogging till my friends also find this interesting, that means lifetime.

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