Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hoping against the hope!!!!!!!!!!!

28th of September, 2006 was my first day in college. Exactly two years have passed but still the memories are fresh in my mind. But I am not gonna discuss all that stuff. Today is 28th of September so I mentioned that. This post is connected to spirituality. Spirituality, for me, is a way to connect with God & the best way is to keep your fellow beings happy. I have a deep undying faith in God. Even if I am damn sure that things are not going to be in my favor, still I have a small hope. It’s like hoping against the hope. If I don’t get something even after trying for a long time, then in my last trial I leave everything to God & that trial turns out to be a success. I just try to keep persons around me happy & I think it’s their wishes & prayers that work for me. I believe more in this prayer stuff than I believe in hard work. “Do good & have good”, well said by someone. This mantra always works for me. You also give a try to this & see what difference it makes.


sneha said...

hey i din even realize ki its already been two years....tyme simply jus flies away ...esp. wen u r having fun...m sure d two years left in d colege r gonna fly away lets gt together and hv fun....!!!!

passionate stubborn said...

Sneha: yup sweety wen u r hving fun u dont realize hw time flies


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