Tuesday, September 2, 2008

brought up like a prince!

If you will ask any father how he has brought up his daughter? In most of the cases the answer will be “like a princess”. But I am not brought up like a princess with that tender care. My dad is a rough man I mean he does love me a lot but he doesn’t always shower his love & affection on me or I can say that he doesn’t express. My dad is more like a friend not because I share everything with him but because I don’t have to be formal with him, I can talk to him the way I talk to my friends. For him, I someone with whom he can share his official problems. I do get incredibly bored when he starts telling me what happened in his office but I have to listen (even everyone in family has to listen). I also help him in his official work; of course in return he has to give me something in turn. He often calls me “yaar”. We both are equally stubborn & none is willing accept defeat so if an argument starts between us, it ends without any conclusion. When we both are at home, we give lot of exercise to our vocal cords; I mean we keep on fighting & shouting. Others will think that we don’t have manners but it’s our family tradition he he he. He expects too much from me & is very proud of me. He never praises me in front of me but often I have listen from others that he’s very proud of me. Initially he wanted me to be a doctor but since I wasn’t able to get through CET so I opted for engineering. He still says if I would have pursued law, I would have been a well known advocate or chief justice of high court. He also believes that I can easily get through KAS. Well, all parents think their children are no less than Einstein. But I know what my potential is & what I want to do.
I am not brought up like a princess as I said earlier; I am brought up like a prince. Unlike other fathers who don’t let their daughters do anything, my dad made me to do everything that he should have done for me. Like he made me to decide what I am gonna do to after my school ; how I am gonna get admission in college; what documents I’ll need for that; from where to get that documents; how’ll I get that bank drafts made etc. I get everything that I demand but I have to get that myself. Like when I asked for pc, I had to go myself & buy that. But I have never complained about that because this thing has made me more confident & self dependent. I just ask for money, rest everything I get myself. So my dad has contributed a lot to make me a tomboy (I do think like guys sometimes well not sometimes it’s all the times I guess). Thanks dad.

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