Friday, September 12, 2008

always on the move!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have mentioned in the previous post, the thing which we (me & my friends) love to do is “Vellagiri” that means total time pass by wandering in streets of city, shopping & eating. From the day, Sanghash samiti has suspended strike i.e. 31st of august; I am on constant move with no tension & worries about my forthcoming exams. Well it’s a bit astonishing because gals are not supposed to do this kind of vellagiri (being a jammuite) but exceptions are always there. I love spending time with friends while shopping & enjoying food. Well people who know me will find it hard to believe, vandana & food, no connection but I am a big foodie. Hey please believe me…….
I was too desperate to meet my friends as I hadn’t seen them for more than a month so I was praying that the strike should end soon. Just to remind you, the strike was for the restoration of land to SASB. And as it ended, it gave me wings to fly. From that day till now, there isn’t a single day when I am at home. To be very honest I am fed up of this now. It’s too much. Now I realize too much of everything is bad. Because of the tiresome day I spend, I have weird dreams at night (if I’ll tell you what kind of dreams, you’ll die laughing) & I have become very absent minded as well. I’ll give you one example.
I had to get a demand draft made & I had some work in telephone exchange. I planned that first I’ll go to exchange & then I’ll get DD made from the bank opposite to the exchange. I have been to that place a hundred times & I know it very well. But when I reached there, there wasn’t any bank opposite to exchange. “What happened to that bank????” I asked this to my friend & she said that there wasn’t any bank there from the time she has been visiting that place. That made me to leave my mouth wide open. I can exactly tell you how that bank looked like from outside. May be I saw that in my dreams. But I was very much sure that there was a bank at that place. Still being very puzzled, I am warning myself by telling, “Dear if it goes like that, you are sure to be admitted in mental hospital, so just stop this.”
So now I am giving my wings rest till I decide to fly really very high, not to touch the sky but to fly beyond that……….

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Anil Sharma @ said...

always on the move!!!!!!!!!!!

I also see dreams during sleeping time but almost all of them don’t remain in my mind when I wake up and I also donot try to remind them because I think

“Dreams are Dreams let them be Dreams “
Dreams are good thing to have but I think dreams should be limited there should be some link between them and reality
Take care have a nice dream
Good bye


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