Friday, September 19, 2008

Alopecia areata & my cousin

I am damn sure that all of you must have heard about Aladdin’s lamp. In case you don’t know about that, then let me tell you that Aladdin had a magical lamp, whenever he would rub that lamp, a genie would come out & do whatever Aladdin asked him to do.

I also have Aladdin’s lamp. Well it’s a bit different, I don’t have to rub it & I don’t get everything done. I have queries & I my lamp have answers. This lamp is my cousin. My cousin is an encyclopedia for me or you can say a search engine. Fourteen hours younger to me (not even a full day); he’s the most intelligent person of this universe (for me). See, I am not a very intellectual person & I don’t have those big big questions to ask about creation of universe, life on other planets, future of earth, etc. I have general questions to ask about the new things that I get to know & he has all my answers. Except for alopecia areata, till now he has answered all my queries correctly. If you are thinking what this alopecia areata is, then let me tell you it is an autoimmune disease which leads to hair loss on scalp & elsewhere in small round patches. Now you must be thinking I am studying medicine. No no, I am not a medical student; I am an engineering student & am absolutely not interested in collecting information about such weird diseases. Then why I was asking about alopecia areata? Well my encyclopedia, I mean my cousin is suffering from this disease. When I asked that does he know the name of the disease he is suffering from? He had no answer. Coincidently, I happened to read somebody’s blog. That person was also suffering from this disease & from there I got to know about the name of this disease. I just told my cousin the name & he got all the information about that disease by himself.

Hair of his beard is falling & because of this hair fall some round patches have been formed on both of his cheeks. The comforting news is that alopecia areata is not a painful disease and does not make people feel sick physically. It is not contagious, and people who have the disease are generally healthy otherwise, but it is incurable.

When the patches were small, tension was small but as the patches are becoming bigger tension & stress is increasing as the emotional aspects of living with hair loss, however, can be challenging. My dad had also suffered from this disease in the same manner long ago & it was cured. My cousin approached few people but for no use. So finally he’s consulting someone whom my dad consulted. That person has a very funny name i.e. “Koda nai”. This name has become a kind of joke for our family. But I think not a joke for the person who is actually suffering. There are some four kinds of medicines which he has to apply. One is a black powder which is to be mixed in butter; the other is a white powder which is to be mixed in coconut oil, another powder which is to be mixed in curd & finally there is a liquid that produces a burning sensation. Poor cousin has to do so much labour for getting rid of this alopecia areata. He’s back to his hostel, I just hope when he’ll come back, he won’t have that patches & would have his normal beard back.

Ok ok I heard that you are getting bored with this, so before you ask me, let me myself cut this crap


sneha said...

m waitin 4 roadies too....!! esp d auditions...its dere where d actual fun is..(:p)

Anil Sharma @ said...

Charan Bandna sis
Well this koda nai is also very famous in our home, I also want to know your views about the persons like “KODA NAI“ and their tricks.
Take care………………………………………….good bye


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