Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tough journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was a kid, I was very excited about my first day in new class. More than the new class I was very excited about new colorful books. I was very fascinated watching those colorful books. As I progressed to higher classes, the colorful books turned into black & white; and my excitement was also over. Now when I am doing engineering, the excitement isn’t about new books or new teachers, it’s only about spending time with friends because when college is off we don’t get chance to meet all of the friends, of course I meet all my close friends even when the college is off but I don’t get chance to meet other friends.

Today was the first day of my 5th semester. Now it’s purely electronics stuff. As it was the first day, all the teachers told us that things are not gonna be that easy in future. We really have to work hard to get certain minimum percentage of marks in order to be eligible for campus selection. So it’s really a tough journey ahead. I got to be serious about my studies now. I never bothered about marks from the time I entered college. I mean I don’t want to be the topper & make all other feel jealous of me. Believe it or not but it is a fact that all are jealous of the topper & that’s why toppers are always alone. I just want my friends with me & marks are not that important.
Otherwise I am a diehard optimist but this thing (low percentage) is really worrying me. My best friend (who knows me better than anyone else) told me not to worry as luck always sides me, well touch wood to that, but still I need to put an extra effort. Half engineering over, pure electronics stuff now, percentage still not good, placements starting next semester,,,,,,,,,,,, oh my God it’s too much but it’s life. I just hope everything goes smoothly & I think it absolutely doesn’t matter what happens in future as whatever happens, happens for the good.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hoping against the hope!!!!!!!!!!!

28th of September, 2006 was my first day in college. Exactly two years have passed but still the memories are fresh in my mind. But I am not gonna discuss all that stuff. Today is 28th of September so I mentioned that. This post is connected to spirituality. Spirituality, for me, is a way to connect with God & the best way is to keep your fellow beings happy. I have a deep undying faith in God. Even if I am damn sure that things are not going to be in my favor, still I have a small hope. It’s like hoping against the hope. If I don’t get something even after trying for a long time, then in my last trial I leave everything to God & that trial turns out to be a success. I just try to keep persons around me happy & I think it’s their wishes & prayers that work for me. I believe more in this prayer stuff than I believe in hard work. “Do good & have good”, well said by someone. This mantra always works for me. You also give a try to this & see what difference it makes.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The TV shows saga!!!!!


Rodies, a very popular show among the youth, is my all time favorite. I have been watching this show from finale of 3rd season. Unfortunately I missed the first two seasons completely. Unfortunate because both Rannvijay & Ayushmann are my favorite VJ’s & I couldn’t see their journey to success. This reality show unlike other reality shows has a very unique concept. I know I am sounding a bit technical so coming back to the lighter side, this shows is all about the daredevils. I just love the daring tasks that they perform. I once ask my mom to take a break from that sick saas bahu serials & watch Rodies but on that day Rodies were made to eat that horrible cuisine, I think it was in Malaysia, if I remember correctly (it was season 5). So my mom really didn’t like it. But I didn’t feel yuk about watching people eating frogs & snakes, instead I enjoyed watching it. And after that whenever I am watching Rodies & someone comes & ask me what are you watching? Then before I would answer, my mom would at once tell that it is Rodies in which people are made to eat frogs & snakes. Well I think I need to give my mom a better description of the show. I don’t wanna be a Rodie but still like the show a lot. So I am waiting eagerly for the 6th season to come.


Hopping to my next favorite show, FRIENDS, I have mentioned about this show in previous post also so I won’t discuss it. I just love all the characters of the show but my favorite are Joe & Phoebe. I just hope we’ll be able to see its next season soon. Well I really don’t understand that hard core drama & emotions of other shows so this is the only show of star world that I like.


Next is Shin Chan. Any Shin Chan fan out there? This is my favorite cartoon. When I was a kid, I had only cartoons in the list of my favorite shows but now it’s just Shin Chan. I was introduced to this show by my sweet & cute nephew. I got to know from my cousin sis that even when everyone is sleeping, my nephew would keep waking till 11pm to watch Shin Chan, that too at the age to two years. I was like what’s so special about this, let me also watch that. I didn’t realized & even none in my family realized that when all of us became a Shin Chan fanatic. We just can’t get enough of Shin Chan.


Well yes I am a Disney channel fanatic. All the shows of this channel are too good. I love Life with Derek, Hannah Montana, The suite life of Zack & Cody, wizards of Waverly place, etc. That “Best of both worlds” by Hannah truly rocks. I have been trying for so long to learn the lyrics but still I haven’t succeeded.


Apart from this I love to watch cookery shows, not because I love cooking (I can hardly cook anything except plans), but because I truly relish the dishes that are shown. Among such shows Indian Food Made Easy by Anjum Anand is my favorite.


No one can copy better than Indians do. Whether it is copy of “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” or “Big Brother”, Indians are perfect copy cat. Panchvi pass I didn’t find that good but Bigg Boss is good.
There isn’t anything to be discussed about those sick saas bahu serials because I hardly watch any of them except for those which are favorite of my mom & granny. These serials really make me to go WTF! I mean who wears those sarees & jewellery weighing quintals at home & to add more, these incredibly boring & torturing serials never end. C’mon you directors make something that is closer to reality. Be practical.
I just wanna voice my opinion (I know it hardly counts) so I posted this.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Alopecia areata & my cousin

I am damn sure that all of you must have heard about Aladdin’s lamp. In case you don’t know about that, then let me tell you that Aladdin had a magical lamp, whenever he would rub that lamp, a genie would come out & do whatever Aladdin asked him to do.

I also have Aladdin’s lamp. Well it’s a bit different, I don’t have to rub it & I don’t get everything done. I have queries & I my lamp have answers. This lamp is my cousin. My cousin is an encyclopedia for me or you can say a search engine. Fourteen hours younger to me (not even a full day); he’s the most intelligent person of this universe (for me). See, I am not a very intellectual person & I don’t have those big big questions to ask about creation of universe, life on other planets, future of earth, etc. I have general questions to ask about the new things that I get to know & he has all my answers. Except for alopecia areata, till now he has answered all my queries correctly. If you are thinking what this alopecia areata is, then let me tell you it is an autoimmune disease which leads to hair loss on scalp & elsewhere in small round patches. Now you must be thinking I am studying medicine. No no, I am not a medical student; I am an engineering student & am absolutely not interested in collecting information about such weird diseases. Then why I was asking about alopecia areata? Well my encyclopedia, I mean my cousin is suffering from this disease. When I asked that does he know the name of the disease he is suffering from? He had no answer. Coincidently, I happened to read somebody’s blog. That person was also suffering from this disease & from there I got to know about the name of this disease. I just told my cousin the name & he got all the information about that disease by himself.

Hair of his beard is falling & because of this hair fall some round patches have been formed on both of his cheeks. The comforting news is that alopecia areata is not a painful disease and does not make people feel sick physically. It is not contagious, and people who have the disease are generally healthy otherwise, but it is incurable.

When the patches were small, tension was small but as the patches are becoming bigger tension & stress is increasing as the emotional aspects of living with hair loss, however, can be challenging. My dad had also suffered from this disease in the same manner long ago & it was cured. My cousin approached few people but for no use. So finally he’s consulting someone whom my dad consulted. That person has a very funny name i.e. “Koda nai”. This name has become a kind of joke for our family. But I think not a joke for the person who is actually suffering. There are some four kinds of medicines which he has to apply. One is a black powder which is to be mixed in butter; the other is a white powder which is to be mixed in coconut oil, another powder which is to be mixed in curd & finally there is a liquid that produces a burning sensation. Poor cousin has to do so much labour for getting rid of this alopecia areata. He’s back to his hostel, I just hope when he’ll come back, he won’t have that patches & would have his normal beard back.

Ok ok I heard that you are getting bored with this, so before you ask me, let me myself cut this crap

Friday, September 12, 2008

always on the move!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have mentioned in the previous post, the thing which we (me & my friends) love to do is “Vellagiri” that means total time pass by wandering in streets of city, shopping & eating. From the day, Sanghash samiti has suspended strike i.e. 31st of august; I am on constant move with no tension & worries about my forthcoming exams. Well it’s a bit astonishing because gals are not supposed to do this kind of vellagiri (being a jammuite) but exceptions are always there. I love spending time with friends while shopping & enjoying food. Well people who know me will find it hard to believe, vandana & food, no connection but I am a big foodie. Hey please believe me…….
I was too desperate to meet my friends as I hadn’t seen them for more than a month so I was praying that the strike should end soon. Just to remind you, the strike was for the restoration of land to SASB. And as it ended, it gave me wings to fly. From that day till now, there isn’t a single day when I am at home. To be very honest I am fed up of this now. It’s too much. Now I realize too much of everything is bad. Because of the tiresome day I spend, I have weird dreams at night (if I’ll tell you what kind of dreams, you’ll die laughing) & I have become very absent minded as well. I’ll give you one example.
I had to get a demand draft made & I had some work in telephone exchange. I planned that first I’ll go to exchange & then I’ll get DD made from the bank opposite to the exchange. I have been to that place a hundred times & I know it very well. But when I reached there, there wasn’t any bank opposite to exchange. “What happened to that bank????” I asked this to my friend & she said that there wasn’t any bank there from the time she has been visiting that place. That made me to leave my mouth wide open. I can exactly tell you how that bank looked like from outside. May be I saw that in my dreams. But I was very much sure that there was a bank at that place. Still being very puzzled, I am warning myself by telling, “Dear if it goes like that, you are sure to be admitted in mental hospital, so just stop this.”
So now I am giving my wings rest till I decide to fly really very high, not to touch the sky but to fly beyond that……….

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

me, my friends, my blog!!!!!

FRIENDS, one of my all time favorite shows, really made me to fantasize my life like that after few years of leaving college. Of course not exactly like that as there are many things in the show that I really don’t want to happen with my friends. But ya I do like the way, all six friends enjoy their life. I do admit that we are not like them, we are Indians & can’t be like them but I do want my friends to be with me even after we leave college & they all get married. If you are thinking why “they”? Why not “we”? Then let me tell you that I am not gonna get married, I have mentioned this in my first post also (just to remind you). Well why not? Just because I wanna see how difficult the life can be & also because I don’t want anyone to interfere in my life. I wanna live the way I want to. I wanna take all the decisions of the life by myself so I don’t have anyone to blame for any problem in my life & I don’t want anyone to take credit of any of my achievement. It should be “ME” & only “ME” who should be responsible for anything happening in my life, whether good or bad. Huh………. It seems to be very tough journey ahead but still there’s a long time to go.
Ok coming back to friends, even after all my friends get busy in their lives, I want that all of us should have a contact & should keep meeting, if not in a coffee shop (as Joe, phoebe, Ross & others do in FRIENDS), then in some other good place. It would be great if we all have such a life after 5-6 years of leaving the college & it would be even much better if our friendship continues like that till death.
In college we all have done many good & silly things that none can forget & we are still doing all that silly & good stuff. Apart from the things we have done in college, there’s only one interesting thing that we have done & that is wandering in city. Well yup, this is the interesting thing that I have done besides what I have done in college. After mass bunks or even when college is off, we are off to city. Just a call from my dearest pals & I am out with them. Well you must be thinking what’s interesting about that, everyone does that. Ya I do agree, but keeping the fact in mind that we all friends are absolute nerd & have nothing interesting to do so this is the only interesting stuff that we can think of. Eating & shopping the two things we are obsessed with. Unlike others of our age, who are very much interested in very creative work, we are complacent with all what we do & whatever we do is a total wastage of time but we enjoy this.
I can hardly name any friend of mine who has some interesting hobby, at least none among girls. Guys do play sports whenever they get time, but girls can hardly think of anything except gossiping. When I was introduced to blogging (of course not by any of friend but by newspaper), I told my friends about that & even mentioned it in my orkut profile but no one really cared. They are such a bore. Bore not in the sense that I get bored with them, I do enjoy with them but they don’t have anything interesting to do expect doing masti together. I admit that I am no exception to that. I read in graffiti column in Times of India that “a bore is a guy having different hobby than yours”, I guess it’s absolutely right, at least in my context. I know some people don’t find blogging interesting (especially my friends) but they should have at least read my blog once & post their comments. Just to give me another reason to blog. But anyways I’ll keep on blogging till my friends also find this interesting, that means lifetime.

Monday, September 8, 2008

forgetting the unforgettable

Well it’s nothing related to the tour of Bacchan’s, it’s about some people, some memories that you wanna forget. Those people were once a part of your life but now you wanna forget them. There are some memories that you don’t wanna remember, these may be associated with those people or these memories can be related to anything. But whatever you do to get rid of them, you always find those people, those memories still living inside you. So it’s not so easy to forget them. Likewise I do get nostalgic about few persons & few memories & it’s really impossible to forget them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

brought up like a prince!

If you will ask any father how he has brought up his daughter? In most of the cases the answer will be “like a princess”. But I am not brought up like a princess with that tender care. My dad is a rough man I mean he does love me a lot but he doesn’t always shower his love & affection on me or I can say that he doesn’t express. My dad is more like a friend not because I share everything with him but because I don’t have to be formal with him, I can talk to him the way I talk to my friends. For him, I someone with whom he can share his official problems. I do get incredibly bored when he starts telling me what happened in his office but I have to listen (even everyone in family has to listen). I also help him in his official work; of course in return he has to give me something in turn. He often calls me “yaar”. We both are equally stubborn & none is willing accept defeat so if an argument starts between us, it ends without any conclusion. When we both are at home, we give lot of exercise to our vocal cords; I mean we keep on fighting & shouting. Others will think that we don’t have manners but it’s our family tradition he he he. He expects too much from me & is very proud of me. He never praises me in front of me but often I have listen from others that he’s very proud of me. Initially he wanted me to be a doctor but since I wasn’t able to get through CET so I opted for engineering. He still says if I would have pursued law, I would have been a well known advocate or chief justice of high court. He also believes that I can easily get through KAS. Well, all parents think their children are no less than Einstein. But I know what my potential is & what I want to do.
I am not brought up like a princess as I said earlier; I am brought up like a prince. Unlike other fathers who don’t let their daughters do anything, my dad made me to do everything that he should have done for me. Like he made me to decide what I am gonna do to after my school ; how I am gonna get admission in college; what documents I’ll need for that; from where to get that documents; how’ll I get that bank drafts made etc. I get everything that I demand but I have to get that myself. Like when I asked for pc, I had to go myself & buy that. But I have never complained about that because this thing has made me more confident & self dependent. I just ask for money, rest everything I get myself. So my dad has contributed a lot to make me a tomboy (I do think like guys sometimes well not sometimes it’s all the times I guess). Thanks dad.


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