Saturday, August 23, 2008

what made me to start blogging?

I am a person who always keeps on exploring new things about life. What new things?? The thinking of people, their way of perceiving things, their lifestyles, etc. Keenly observing people around me is a hobby for me. Analyzing people & finding out their qualities (both good &bad) is something I am very interested in. There are many more things that I enjoy doing. While doing all this, I have collected many memories & I’ll keep on collecting in future also. In future when I’ll stop for a moment & look back in the past, I’ll find so many silly, funny, sweet & of course some painful memories also. I’ll surely miss all those moments of my life with no regrets about what I had done. I wish I can tell someone about all what I have done in my life, what hardships I have faced (well they are not many), what I have enjoyed, etc. I want to share my experiences but in today’s world no one is free enough to listen to anyone, so I found a better way to share my experiences, i.e. blogging. That’s why I started writing blogs.

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