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struggle of jammu

I am a second year engineering student from Jammu, who is just waiting to get into the third year. I have given three of my exams of fourth semester & three are still left. Due to ongoing agitation in Jammu, my exams are getting postponed again & again. I don’t know will I be ever able to get admission in third year or not?
This is not my problem only, but lakhs of students from Jammu are facing the same problem. It has been near about two months since the whole Jammu is burning & there seems no end to this fire. To be very honest, I don’t know everything about this land issue except that 800 kanals of mountainous land was given to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) & then it was taken back. The agitation is for restoration of land to SASB. I think if that land is to be used for the betterment of pilgrims then the locals of Kashmir shouldn’t object at this, after all pilgrims increase economy of our state. Actually agitation of people of Jammu is justified for the fact that they have always been ignored both by central as well as the state government for the past 61 years since J&K was included in India. This agitation which is being carried out in Jammu for the past two months is the result of suppression of people of Jammu. Firstly people started this agitation under the leadership of some political leaders but now they don’t need any representation. This is the struggle for their rights. Despite of larger area & greater population of Jammu, Jammu has fewer seats in legislative assembly & gets fewer shares in the central funds. Not only this there are a lot more examples of partiality against Jammu. People of Kashmir are also carrying out agitation but by burning tricolor & raising Pakistan’s flag, so now it has became nationalism of Jammu versus antinationalism of Kashmir. People of Jammu have never raised their voice against any issue but now the limit is crossed. This agitation is about their religious sentiments & of course the struggle for their rights. Everyone, here in Jammu, is suffering from the past two months, but no one is willing to stop this agitation because this time the limit is crossed. Women, children, senior citizens & even infants are taking part in this agitation. You can hear slogans like “bam bam bhole”, “desh ke gaddaron ko goli maro salo ko”, “Mehbooba mufti hai hai” etc from little children who have just learned how to speak.
I am not a political leader nor I am supporting any political party, I am one among the students of Jammu, who is also suffering in this but like others not willing to stop this until we get our rights. For about the past one month, I haven’t met any of my friends. We can’t exchange messages as SMS’s are banned here. What can be worse than being away from your friends for such a long time? We desperately want to meet our friends but we have been locked in our homes.
I can just hope that soon our government will wake up from hibernation & take some action of course in favor of people of Jammu.

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Anil Sharma @ said...

struggle of jammu
Hello sister
I m also a passed out of BA-1 from M.A.M college and waiting to take admission in 2nd year. My studies are also suffering due to on going agitation but I m supporting the agitation morally, I never took part in the agitation physically due to the reason that to agitate and protest honestly there should be a honest leader which I don’t have in my area it is only due to lack of leadership that people sometime became aggressive and starts doing things like burning vehicles, breaking windows, destroying public property & so on which I don’t like because it is only our loss.
As far as Amarnath land issue is concerned I will give you some history of it

The Fact File
The origin of Amarnath Yatra dates back to the year 1850 A.D, when a Muslim shepherd from Batakot, named Botta Malik first discovered the cave with shivling made of ice. According to tale, Buta Malik was given a sack of coal by a Sadhu. Upon reaching his home he discovered that the sack, in fact, contained gold. Overjoyed and overcome, Buta Malik rushed back to look for the Sadhu and thank him, but on the spot of their meeting discovered the cave and eventually this became a place of pilgrimage for all believers. So pleased was the Dogra king Maharaja Gulab Singh by this discovery that he decreed that a representative of the Malik family would always be present at the holy shrine, along with the Hindu priest and Pundits of Ganeshpora, during the period of the pilgrimage each year. Also the family of the muslim shepherd was granted a large estate near Pahalgam and exempted from paying land revenue to the state. Further one third of all the offerings made at the shrine each year were to be given to the Malik family as reward until…..

The Cunning policies of politicians

The coalition cabinet decided to allot 800 kanals of land to the SASB at Baltal in Sonmarg and Domail at Pahalgam. People opposing the project alleged that it would harm the greenery in the tourist spots. Every one is just guessing why now, The reason is that the assembly elections are just four months away. The latest controversy was triggered by outgoing Governor S.K. Sinha’s letter to the state government demanding the establishment of an independent development authority controlled by the Amarnath Shrine Board. Subsequently, the Azad-PDP government decided to transfer forestland to the Board .Surprisingly, now the same PDP, PDF , etc the coalition constituents have started exploiting this situation, and PDP, has openly accused the Congress of blackmailing their ministers and forcing them to accept the controversial land transfer. Although Chief Minister Azad is silent over the issue.
The Amarnath Shrine Board, meanwhile, has become an emotive issue in the Hindu-dominated districts of Jammu. The PDP for their face saving have reversed their stand, Look what the chief parton of the PDP had to say in his statement “I am pained at the turn of events and would advise caution to all the stakeholders in the State’s ecology, environment and cultural identity as also the government and the SASB. What the PDP doesn’t say is that the party’s own ministers — Forest Minister Qazi Afzal and Deputy Chief Minister Muzaffar Hussain Beig didn’t have a problem with the land transfer when forest officials first objected. I read it in one of the news papers and I quote “memorandum for submission to the cabinet” was tabled in May revealed that senior Forest ministry officials rejected the report of the D F O, Sindh and Wildlife Warden, who warned that construction of the shrine board complex on forest land would have an adverse impact on the adjacent Thajwas wildlife sanctuary. Another senior Forests official had said that “the uncontrolled flow of yatris will cause pollution which will have some impact on the wildlife if no mitigating measures are initiated by the shrine board authorities” and the area is a “habitat of the endangered brown bear, leopard and panther”. The case was referred to Advisory Committee where the Chief Wildlife Warden rejected the observations, calling it “overcautious and environmentally conservative approach”. Even then Qazi Afzal, a senior PDP leader, did not object to the Chief Wildlife Warden’s decision( may be that’s why graduation should be the minimum qualification for a politicians ). What’s more, the General Administration Department had thrice returned the Forest Ministry proposal for land diversion to the shrine board, seeking clarifications. Each time, the Forest ministry argued that the land diversion should go through. The cabinet, in fact, had deferred a decision on the land diversion proposal last February. After getting clearance from the Advisory Committee, the forest land diversion rain into another hurdle: a recent Supreme Court order had made it mandatory for such forest land diversion to go through the apex court before clearance. The forests in J&K are not governed by Central laws and the state has its own conservation laws. The Forest department decided to seek the opinion of the Law department, the Central Empowered Committee and the Advocate General. The Law department advised the Forest department “to move an application before the Supreme Court and await clarification in the matter”. The empowered committee, however, said that the J&K government did not need to seek clarification from the Supreme Court. The issue was again sent for an opinion to the Law department which advised that the apex court be approached.
Now read this
“Finally, the case was sent to Deputy Chief Minister Muzaffar Hussain Beig — he is also the Law Minister for a final decision. Beig cleared the proposal, terming the Law department view of approaching the apex court “abundant caution” and agreed with the view that there was no need to approach the apex court. Now the same Hon. Minster, in a local channel warns the congress of withdrawing support if they do not revoke the order. Just to fool kashmiris.
Now the question arise why kashmiri are opposing the land transfer i got the answer on the blog of someone & I will show you
SASB Mission: Change the Demography of Kashmir
“What would the purpose be for the SASB to aquire 1000 Kanals of prime land in one of the most picturisque valleys of muslim majority Kashmir? Anyone with a shred of intelligence can figure that their intentions are far from cordial. Why would the Yatris need permanent dwellings when the yatra itself lasts a month and is performed in one day is beyond my understanding.

The current PDP minister Mr. Qazi Muhammad Afzal who allocated the thousand kanals of forest land to the SASB should be investigated by the vigilance for corruption because such a huge land transfer can only take place beacause of a huge kickback or that he is simply a SASB stooge in disguise along with his accomplices such as Mufti and Mehbooba as well as Azad who presided the cabinet meeting where this land transfer was approved.

This land transfer is just one of the many avenues the enemies of Kashmir are utilizing to change the demography of Kashmir. Consider this: a thousand Kanals could house atleast a 100,000 non-Kashmiris permanently and Kashmiris cannot do a thing about it because it will be on SASB property and the SASB will simply claim that they are yatris and volunteers to maintian the Amarnath Shrine. However, in reality, given enough time, these non-Kashmiris will marry gullible Kashmiri girls and their progeny will not only be non-muslims but they will also have a legally obtained State Subject certificate and spread to the rest of muslim majority Kashmir and within a generation Kashmiris will soon be an insignificant minority. If this scenario seems implausible then consider what Israel has been doing in Palestine. It seems that the hard-line Indian bureaucrats have copied the Israeli tactis in Palesine word-for-word and their cooperation is not just limited to India being a dumping ground for Israeli manufactured cheap arms that are used to fight Kashmiri militants. “
This is the thinking of Kashmiri people
Your brother Anil Sharma


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