Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my hate book

When anyone asks me if I hate someone or something, in most of the cases I say no, but it’s not true. I do hate many things. Let’s begin with myself. The thing that I hate about myself is my short tempered & stubborn attitude otherwise I am a self obsessed person who is in love with herself. I get heated up very soon over little things. I try to keep my cool but 4% of times I fail in college & this percentage increases to 95% at home. At college I am very calm & cool; and I lose my temper only if something is not going the way as it should be. Moreover I lose control over myself when it comes to my friends or my self esteem. But at home, I can hardly keep my cool & I get heated up instantly. I am trying to be more cool at home but let’s see how far it goes. Apart from this, I am very stubborn. Once I decide to do something then nothing in the world can change my mind & I am equally stubborn at college & home. I had once given the proof of my stubbornness to my classmates when everyone had decided to have mass bunk & I was the one who made them all to attend class, of course later on I found that I had done something wrong (as things really got out of control & there was a conflict between some classmates) & I even apologized for that. Now I think my stubbornness has come to a lower level but only in college not at home. At home even if I am doing something wrong, I’ll stick to that, no matter what others say.
Now coming to others, I hate people who make fun of others on the basis of their physical appearances. Then there are some people who keep on giving advices to others as they think they are very wise or they think they are perfect but actually they aren’t. Next in my hate book are the people who interfere in others’ matters. My elder sister is one among those who always interfere in my matters. She keeps on complaining about me to mom or dad. I don’t know when she’ll grow up? I hate those who hurt others sentiments even when they know they are doing so. My hate book also includes those who keep on bitching about others on their back & those who keep on praising themselves as they think they are very great & they don’t stop even after knowing that others are getting incredibly bored by their “bundles”. I don’t hate liars because I am also a liar & I believe lying should be in limits. It’s allowed until it harms someone.
I really want such people to change their attitude but before that I need to change mine because “you should be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

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