Tuesday, August 26, 2008

me- a rebellion

I am known to be a rebellion in my family. I am not the one who will accept the things as they come to me. If I find something wrong I rebel. I being very short tempered & aggressive, get heated up very soon & without seeing with whom I am talking I just explode(this is the right word that I can use here).I can’t tolerate injustice of any kind. If somebody is talking something wrong, my blood starts boiling & I do object. So sometimes others feel that I don’t have manners (like my elder sister always say) but it’s not like that. Actually it’s in my blood. I being a Rajput ought to be like this. I don’t want to show others that I am proud to be a Rajput, it’s a fact actually. Sorry guruji (as I fondly call a friend of mine), I won’t say that again. Saying that I am a Rajput is like strengthening cast system which I don’t intend to. I am a human being first, then an Indian, then a Hindu, then a jammuite & only then a Rajput. Being a girl & that too belonging to a Rajput family & that too living in a rural area, you are bounded to so many restrictions (most of which aren’t imposed by your parents but by relatives & the society you live in). Some of these restrictions are justified because there should be something that makes you different from others, I am talking about your culture & tradition; and you should feel proud to follow that. But some restrictions don’t have any meaning, so why to follow them? Thank God I have very loving & understanding mom who always support me, no matter what others say or to be precise enough I can say I make my mom to support me (as she’s too innocent & sweet as well & I can easily change her mind).

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anish said...

good yaar!!!!!

keep going the same way.
I m wth u.......


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