Monday, August 25, 2008

mass bunks

The thing which I am gonna miss the most about my college life (of course after I’ll complete my college) is mass bunk. From the first mass bunk that we had, every mass bunk is associated with great memories. I remember our first mass bunk (in first semester) when we were hiding ourselves from our professor. We were running upstairs, downstairs, corridor, to library, to canteen, to labs, to every place where we could hide our self, with bags, drafters, drawing sheets in our hands. But all our efforts were in vain, we were caught & we had to apologize for mass bunk. From then about 95% of the mass bunks are a big flop & only 5% are successful. Mostly we are caught up either by our principle or our H.O.D., then they scold us & after that we have to apologize. Some of us do take that scolding seriously (I am one of them) & decide that they won’t have bunks until there is a genuine reason for it. But this feeling lasts only for few days, then again we start bunking. It’s not that we always bunk on the cost of our studies, we bunk because it’s not easy to attend all the classes every day. Well, any excuse is enough for a wicked person, so we have a lot of excuses. The thing which I like about mass bunks is that, only during mass bunks we get a chance to share ideas & many more things with other classmates (who have gradually become friends). When I was new to college, I didn’t know anyone. Then I had five- six friends. It’s only because of these mass bunks, now almost every classmate is my friend. Life is a great teacher. Even these mass bunks have taught me something. If you want unity among the people you live, you have to compromise over some things. Firstly you have to give something & only you can demand something.


Anil Sharma @ said...

mass bunks

Hello sister
It will be wrong if I will say I never bunked the class, but I do it very exclusively. First time I bunked the class when there was the test in the class and I was not aware of it rest I don’t remembered. I can just advice not to bunk the class for better future
The reason I m commenting on your blog is that I want to make the youth organization for the upliftment of Jammu. You know in JAMMU we don’t have even single non political young organization who thinks about the problems of Jammu society in whole we are the subjects of Jammu therefore only we have to think for the Jammu we cant believe the politicians who only think fort their votes you can contact me at ( or (

Your brother Anil Sharma

Rianne said...

Good words.


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